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Film Industry Is Promoting Electronic Cigarettes

By July 8, 2017E Cig
E Cig

Electronic Cigarettes are comparatively new for many people but the way it is spreading all over is amazing. People from almost every walk of life are choosing to convert their habit from tobacco cigarette to e cig. With their many interesting features e cigs are far better for health and pocket. Its usage has developed an environment that is supportive for others to adopt good manners. More and more people are getting into it with each passing day but since it is getting recognition from the film industry, the sales are like explosion. The marketers are amazed to see the facts and figures of this common use item. The smoke of the tobacco cigarettes was the real cause, majority of people dislike for years. But with the advancement of e cigarettes, smoke is what people liked the most. Anyone who want to quit the bad effects of Nicotine should serious consider to converting to e cig. Living in soft smelling flavours one can end up to a non-nicotine life with very little effort and time.

Film Industry is also becoming fan of this tiny little product, the E Cig. The medical professionals and research companies are also giving the same response to this product. “Healthiest Trend” is the name many well reputed TV Channels and movies has declared it. There are hundreds of top actors and actresses who have got rid of tobacco smoking with this tiny little device. With each passing day the number of its fan in film industry are increasing. Super Model Kate’s one photo published in many magazines with an electronic cigarette between her lips greatly contributed the soaring sales records.

When Charley Sheen was offered a free lifetime supply of e cigarette, the news was very warmly welcomed by her fans and friends. Positive news about e cig and the recognition from the film industry globally, causing increasing number of smokers converting to it. There are many actresses like Katherine Heigl and Kate Moss who did not like the odour and second-hand smoking are now feeling great and telling others about this change. After spending many years with tobacco cigarettes how comfortable they are makes the fans happy. And this is causing new sales records for the electronic cigarettes.

Electronic Cigarette is a very cheap option as compared to the common cigarettes. People like it because it is cost effective and legal. You can use it literally anywhere you want to, in homes, in clubs, in hospitals and even in the trains or buses where smoking is prohibited. This is main factor people love about it, the liberty to use anywhere. Bad breath, staining teeth are no problem anymore enjoys every moment with it. Cancer is not a threat any more, no unhealthy chemicals inhaling incidental to regular cigarettes. “Yet it has all the features and characteristics of any other cig” says Eric Roberts who is one of the great fan of e cig these days.

A very healthy life style is waiting for you with the help of e cig, this is clear message from top film stars conveyed to their fans. The fans trusting their loving top stars are shifting to the healthy change and getting better acceptance everywhere.

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