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Electronic Cigarettes to help combat tobacco deaths.

By July 9, 2017E Cig
E Cig

Did you know that tobacco use is responsible for more than 5 million deaths per year worldwide? So many of these deaths are indeed preventable, and since the arrival of a new and nifty device on the market, this number has been to drop ever since.

Meet the electronic cigarette – Also known in the biz as the ‘e-cig’ or the ‘electric’ cigarette, is impacting people’s health for the better across the globe, and the UK is right at the forefront of the movement. With flavours ranging from the sensual strawberry to the weirdly wonderful waffles, currently-quitting and ex-smokers alike are raving about its ability to give a helping hand the most stubborn of smokers to find and jump on their wagons.

The e-cigs are rechargeable and battery operated, with some boasting up to 800 inhalations per charge. With the e-cig refills saving money across the board compared to the usual packets found hidden away across the counters, its hard to find a negative to the new ‘vaping’ craze.

As with most new groovy gadgets, its all too easy to pass them off as yet another ‘fad’ that will soon disappear from the market. At one point, electronic cigarettes were probably bundled into the same category. Though in spite of the EU proposing a ban of the ‘e-cig’, Heathrow Airport have taken a decidedly different route, creating a designated e-cigarette zone within terminal 4.

Previously, electronic cigarette users were expected to leave the airport smoking outside with their rather more toxic cousins. Whilst the ‘regular’ cigarette produces many toxins and causes second-hand damage due to inhalation of residue smoke, the electronic cigarette only produces water vapour as a by-product. Whilst nicotine levels can vary from product to product, overall the use of the e-cig is not only preferred option for the immediate user, but eliminates the ‘second hand’ damage that has for so long been a medical concern.

“Vapers” (a term that has most definitely hit the ground running in the e-cigarette arena, referring to the ‘vapour’ the battery powered device produces) have applauded the move by the airport, encouraging the ‘healthier’ option and recognising the group as a firm fixture in our society.
With 57% of people looking for other airports to follow suit (Survey: SkyScanner), it seems the EU may be outnumbered with their views on the device. Stating that it “normalises the action of smoking”, they appear to have missed the thousands of people across the country that have used the products to help cut down and quit their tobacco addition and are raving about the positives of the electronic cigarette craze.
Will the EU move to ban the e-cig? Or will more and more establishments follow Heathrow’s suit and provide somewhere warm for their visitors to ‘vape’? Watch this space.

As with all new ‘crazes’, there are of course the skeptics. The few naysayers have concerns about the regulation of the industry, one of which seems to pass under the radar compared to their rather more addictive cousins.

However, with adaptable nicotine levels as well as the range of flavourings, on top of the pure water vapour emitted eliminating second-hand smoke, there is little left to critisise, with customers clearly voting a resounding ‘yes’ with their wallets. And lets face it, with voice after voice speaking up with their success stories after discovering the world of ‘vaping’ – who are we to disagree?

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