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Electronic Cigarettes – Tell Smokers That You Care About Them!

By July 20, 2017E Cig
E Cig

Thousands of people did not like smoking because of its smoke and the odour, electronic cigarettes have removed this issue. Now people show more appreciation towards smokers and love to stay in their company. The reason behind may be the smoke of different flavours or the absence of nicotine. The sweet smell of e cig is catching the attention from smokers and nonsmokers equally. People like electronic cigarettes because of their availability in 30 fragrant flavours. Also available in varying proportions of nicotine giving better control over the health hazards like cancer etc. If we see the cost, it’s really an effective replacement of the regular cigarettes as it’s one refill can last for time more than 25 cigarettes, saving money 100s of times. May be nonsmokers do not see the effectiveness but smokers can feel the real feast in shape of e cig.

It contributes a lot toward the personality as well when you exhale smoke that does not disturb others. Another common problem we have seen with most of the smokers is the burning of clothes etc. with the flame of the cigarette. You would have seen many smokers who may have dropped some burning ashes over themselves or others causing a hole in the clothes. So it’s definitely a good news for them, e cigarette don’t have any flame. Rather it is a very simple device that has no side effects known so far.

You can buy cartridge with varying level of Nicotine to adjust your intake ranging from zero to 100% of regular cigarette. All these levels of nicotine are available in all the flavours like vanilla, menthol, cherry, coffee, green tea or Champaign etc. In the Nicotine cartridge we can find a mouth piece and a storage tank for the solution. When a smoker sucks from the filter looking side it activates the atomizer which warms the eliquid present in the tank. The flame looking light at the opposite end also starts glowing giving the e cig a look of regular cigarette. When the liquid is warmed up, it produces vapours which flow into the lungs through the mouth. On exhale smoke comes out from the mouth and has the exact look as the regular smoke does.

Many well reputed TV shows and newspapers have declared e smoking to be one of the healthiest changes in smokers. The choice is not easy from the available brands as it can have good or bad impact on the user. With the rapid growth in this sector there are many producers in the market who sometimes don’t care much on the quality. Same fact is true for almost all the other fields where manufacturing is involved. If the focus is on reduction of nicotine intake, electronic cigarette are best option. Just spend less than ten pounds and you can have this amazing product.

Smokers convert to e cig with the intention to reduce nicotine intake but if they just want to stay on the present level and yet enjoy the good taste, e cig is right choice. You can enjoy the full nicotine level of tobacco cigarette and your friends and family will smell the flavours of fruits etc. Keep on changing the flavour and make it interesting not only for you but a lot living around you.