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E-Cigarette Carrying Cases & E-Cig Skin Gift Set

By January 31, 2017E Cig
E Cig

We all have that person who is hard to shop for. And sometimes, the easy to shop for person might appreciate something a little bit different. If you know someone who prefers to use electronic cigarettes over the traditional variety, or someone just getting into it, e-cig skins and carrying cases are very nice gift ideas. Gift set packages are just a suggestion. It is suggested that you could purchase one as a gift, though it could be just as convenient for you to add a bit of style and protection to your e-cig kit.

Most electronic cigarettes either look exactly like the original, traditional variety, or look very electronic. Both can be a bit boring. And what if the manufacturer’s logo is plastered all over it? Not so much fun. The battery itself could also use a bit more protection.

This is where a skin is not just attractive, but also practical. Most wrappers are water-resistant, with high quality skins and wrappers waterproof with additional UV protection. In case the electronic cigarette finds itself floating around a bag or sharing space in a pocket, the skin will prevent scratches on the battery.

If you’re buying skins separately, there are hundreds to choose from. You may need to hunt around to find sites offering designs or themes catering to your friend’s taste. Or to yours. In the same way that lighters come in patterns ranging from conservative, one colour designs to bright patterns or themes catering to specific tastes. Skins for electronic cigarette batteries are exactly the same way. You buy the skins separately and can change them as you please. While most e-cigarette gift sets containing skins and carrying cases have pre-chosen patterns, you can consider going that extra mile and ordering a custom skin.

Electronic cigarettes are sold and shipped in packaging ranging from portable but functional to functional but much too big to carry around. For safety, the electronic cigarette should have the battery detached from the cartridge or atomizer unit to avoid accidentally activating the e-cig. More practically, fishing around in a purse or pockets for the electronic cigarette pieces is a bit of a pain.

A good carrying case will protect the electronic cigarette pieces to maximize their lifespan and keep everything in one convenient place. Cases come in many sizes with different types of designs. For some people, style is just as important as function. The combination of skins and carrying cases is a great way for an electronic cigarette user to express their personal style.

Even if you’re not shopping for yourself, gift sets are usually packaged together in a way that makes them easy and convenient to order. There’s no law against picking up one for yourself if you see the combination of skins and carrying case that’s perfect for you. And anyway, your friends will see it, and for those who find it interesting, you’ve just added a new person to the “easy to shop for” list.

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