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E-cigarette and its accessories

By June 2, 2017E Cig
E Cig

Cigarette without any kind of hazardous smoke is finally in. Technically known as e-cigarette, it is actually an electronic inhaler which contains a liquid that evaporates into an aerosol mist, creating an effect similar to tobacco smoking. Most of the e-cigarettes resemble the conventional ones and the amount of nicotine can be regulated by the user. However, there are many users opting for no nicotine at all. The liquid which vaporizes is actually a solution of propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG), polyethylene glycol 400 (PEG400) mixed with concentrated flavors such as menthol, vanilla, fruits, coffee or cola, and a variable portion of a liquid nicotine concentrate which is optional.

A plastic cartridge with openings on both ends serving as a mouthpiece and a reservoir for the liquid, an “atomizer” or a small heating coil that vaporizes the liquid and a lithium-ion rechargeable battery, form the main components of the e-cigarette. The plastic cartridge facilitates the passage of liquid to the atomizer and vapor from the atomizer passes back into the user’s mouth, without any leakage of the liquid in the mouth.

E-cigarettes have evolved as a style statement over a very short period of time. Most of the models are accompanied by trendy accessories which enhances the appeal of e-cigarettes. The various accessories are:

* Charging case: Some models come with a cigarette-pack-like portable charging case (PCC), which contains a larger battery which in turn charges smaller batteries of individual e-cigarettes.

* Cigarette holder: There are washable and circulation cigarette holders which filter out the tar and nicotine through its multi filtering mechanism and also absorb the harmful ingredients. The circulation cigarette holder also has the quality to last for a greater number of cigarettes.

* Mist Maker: Mist maker enables proper vaporization of the liquid. It is easy to operate and works to give a more lasting impact.

* Leather protection case: A protection case shields the cigarette from damages and dirt. The leather cases look shiny and attractive and serve as a compact storage option for e-cigarettes.

* Portable chargers: The advanced and portable cigarette charger works on rechargeable batteries. It is designed with a USB interface and is suitable for car and outdoor.

* Clips and grips: These clips and grips allows one to attach the e-cigarette case to one’s bag or travel kit firmly and is very useful while travelling.

* Clearomizers: Clearomizer is a small tank with a heating element above it and is similar to atomizers. They come with changeable coils and wicks and can hold double the amount of liquid as compared to atomizers.

* Adapters: The Electronic cigarette adapters are important when one wants to cross connect e-cigarette atomizers with their batteries. There are many varieties available at reasonable prices. Most of them come with a flat screwdriver to adjust the pin to ensure proper seating of the components.

* Lanyards: E-cigarette lanyards pose as an alternative to place the e cig in the pocket when not in use. They hang around the neck like a necklace and they fits all battery sizes.