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By June 17, 2017E Cig
E Cig


An e-cigarette (electronic cigarette) is a kind of vaporizer that helps in stimulating the feeling to smoke. The three basic things that are mostly looked for while choosing the best e-cigarette brand includes- “its battery performance “, “volume of vapor” and “its flavoring”. E-liquids can simply be defined as the essence of e-cigarettes. Introduction of E-liquids have given a unique identity to e-cigs. Unlike the traditional cigarettes they can be reused many times. There are several popular e-cigarette brands used by people. Some of the popular ones are: “VAPORI” “GREEN SMOKE”, “JAC VAPOUR”, “V2 CIGS”, “CIGEES” and “E-LITES”. E-cigarettes can be stated as the epitome of technology and great design replacing the unnecessary harmful hazardous tobacco smoke. The discovery of e-cigarettes has benefitted the people to a great extent. By imitating the look and feel of smoking, the device has assisted many cigarette users to find a substitute of tobacco.


E-liquids or electronic liquids can be termed as the essence of electronic cigarettes. They provide flavor to it. Over the years, e-liquid has helped e-cigs to get rid of boredom as it consisted of only one tobacco taste. Example of some e-liquids is detailed below further.

Vanilla custard e-liquid

Vanilla custard e-liquid is the most sorted after flavor of electronic cigarettes. The company “VAPORHQ” provides the best vanilla custard e-liquid that too without any hazardous addictive for vaping. It has an essence of creaminess with mouthful flavor that spreads a tingle type of feeling everywhere. It is a sweet to taste, creamy e-liquid.

Blackcurrant E-liquid

Blackcurrant e-liquid is one the most preferable and flavor-able liquid. It inherits a very deep, soothing and clean taste that does not fades away by vaping regularly. It is among the mostly ordered flavors. It is available online on many reputed sites. You just need to register yourself once at that site and order it.

Spearmint e-liquid

Spearmint flavor e-liquid gives a very refreshing, minty with a touch of a little sweetness in it. It replicates the touch of spearmint gum or chews. It’s not that popular but still preferred by many people. As it is a well-known flavor therefore its availability is found easily on various online stores claiming to sell different kind of e-liquids.

E-cig atomizers

The heating component leads to vaporization of the liquid in the mouthpiece for inhaling. This element is referred to in the market as “atomizer”. They last for at least 2-3 weeks on an average scale and have that tendency to be replaced. But this replacement is included among the recurring expense related to these electronic cigarettes. Atomizer can be defined as the key element of the electronic cigarette’s system. Various other things where an atomizer is used, include aerosol cans, spray bottles, etc. an atomizer uses pressure and electric current of a tiny hole to vaporize the liquid. There exist a variety of atomizers in the market today but basically categorized into four types: 510 atomizer, 601 atomizer, 901 atomizer and 801 atomizer.

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