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Are You Considering the E Cig?

By February 25, 2017E Cig
E Cig

Are you are a smoker? Are you trying to quit or even just cut back on your addiction? Thanks to Hon Lik, a pharmacist from China, there is a cheap, clean solution: the e-cig.

In the year 2003, Lik developed the world’s first electronic cigarette. By the following year, they were made available to the public. It is interesting to note that in 1965 an inventor by the name of H. A. Gilbert put to paper a complex diagram of an e-cig, but for whatever reasons he was never able to get his project off the ground. Fortunately, the case for electronic cigarettes was revived when conclusive studies showed the correlation between smoking and major health problems, and the e-cig as we know it was born.

Many e-cig companies produce a variety of styles, but most e-cigarettes generally consist of the same parts. There is a mouthpiece, an atomizer (the heating element), the tube, and of course batteries and many little circuits telling each part how to do its job. Within the mouthpiece is a small cup of flavored liquid. A sensor activates when you begin to inhale through the e-cig and tells the atomizer to heat the liquid. The solution, which may contain a measured dose of nicotine, the amount of which depends on the particular blend, turns into vapor. This is what you inhale when drawing on the tube.

Because electronic cigarettes don’t burn tobacco (or any of the other hazardous chemicals found in today’s tobacco products), they provide a safe substitute for smokers who wish to quit, while still delivering a measured nicotine fix to help ease the uncomfortable and sometimes painful symptoms that can arise because of nicotine withdrawal. Many brands of e-cigarettes also take pains to convey the same taste and feeling of a real cigarette, but there is no bitter aftertaste or unpleasant smell left on your fingers or clothes.

Conventional tobacco products can lead to a wide variety of undesirable side-effects, including emphysema or even cancer. Smoking causes harm to almost every organ in the human body and is responsible for over 5 million deaths each year, over 100 million deaths throughout the course of the 20th century. Regular cigarettes can also stain teeth and walls with a sticky, yellow scum that’s difficult to clean, and smoking can produce smoke that is harmful when inhaled by nearby non-smokers.

The vapor produced from electronic cigarettes leaves no measurable residue behind (no second-hand smoke!) and comes in over a hundred different flavors. Also, since the solution comes in refillable, cheap cartridges, e-cigarettes should save smokers a nice chunk of change in the long run, although the initial purchase may seem a bit steep. You’ll also save money on lighters and matches since neither is needed to use an e-cig (it’s all automatic!). Many e-cigarettes also come with rechargeable batteries that last about a day, so you can recharge your device at night and don’t need to worry about repeated battery purchases.

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