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2014 – The year of the Electronic Cigarette

By August 14, 2017E Cig
E Cig

Movie sets, award ceremonies, airports, even in our ad breaks – electronic cigarettes are everywhere. Whether it’s Li-Lo or Linda down t’road, these little devices are producing as much stir as they are vapour. Over the past few months, the rise of the e-cig has been monumental for the industry; making big waves in and out of the industry for the year ahead.

Early December saw the first televised UK advert (albeit, a controversial one – more for its style than its product) bringing the products to the forefront of media and society’s attention. This added boost has ensured that the vaping craze has left the shadows and is now set up to be seen as the hottest new thing in celeb-land (and ours?) for 2014.

Back in the land of the normal-living folk, the debate rages on of late discussing the pro’s and cons of the electronic cigarette and its place in public. Smoking ‘inside’ whilst banned for several years, has now come into question with ‘vapers’ challenging the ban with only ‘water’ emitted from their devices, proving no harm (especially compared to the traditional cigarette) to others in the vicinity. Heathrow airport have taken bold steps to set up a ‘Vaping Lounge’ allowing users to use their electronic cigarettes indoors in their designated areas, as opposed to the usual dismissal to outside areas with other ‘old-school’ tobacco laden cigarette users.

They have been around since the 60s, but it has only been in recent years that the e-cig has really taken off. As well as glowing recommendations from medical organisations, its popularity has tied in rather nicely with the stricter restrictions surrounding traditional tobacco cigarettes. But what is it about electronic cigarettes that has so many people raving?

E-cigarettes are a type of ‘Personal Vapouriser’ which delivers nicotine via the inhalation of an atomised vapour drawn from the replaceable ‘cartridge’ inside. The cartridges come in a variety of flavours with varying nicotine levels – with one key notable difference:
Electronic cigarettes do not hold the chemicals, toxins and tobacco that comes with your ‘everyday’ cigarette.

The electronic variety are cheaper and more sustainable, with rechargeable batteries and far easier to maintain than standard cigarettes.
This healthier form of nicotine intake is well suited to the ‘quitting’ individual, giving them the control of nicotine strength, as well as giving them the physical and visual ‘fix’ of the smoking ‘act’, which can be just as difficult to shift as the habit itself.
Will 2014 be the year of the electronic cigarette? Whilst a balance is yet to be found for them in our lives whether we are users or otherwise, the e-cig and ‘vaping’ are most definitely here to stay. Perhaps a little more regulation/research, a little less ‘hype’ creating unnecessary controversy. Perhaps even more advertisements hitting our screens in the near future and more celebrities ‘coming out’ as ‘vapers’.

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