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By November 27, 2016E Cig Parts


Vaping tutorial on Advanced parts and Accessories


hi my name’s Dustin and I’m with clean smoke
today I am going to be talking about some of the more

advanced parts and accessories you can find
on our website at www.cleansmoke.com

again these are parts that do not come with
the starter kit but if you want to get a better

experience you can upgrade the parts
on your eCig

you can upgrade the batteries or you can upgrade
the atomizing

the atomizer I’m gonna be talking about
today is the clean smoke cashe

I am going to show you what comes with it

you have the atomizer itself

you have the base ring that goes on your

and you have a replacement heating element
now these are the same replacement heating elements

that the starter kit atomizer uses

the difference with this atomizeris that it holds more liquid
and also has an improved air flow so it’s an easier


this fills the exact same way

that the standard atomizer does to turn
it upside down and unscrew the base

and again changing heating elements is
exactly the same as well

you can fill this one all the way up to
the top of the class

so again leave this upside down until
the bases screw back together

once it is assembled you can turn right side up

now some the upgrade batteries only
I am going to be talking about

are variable voltage batteries we are
thirteen hundred milli amp

and we also have a 9 milli amp

these batteries are higher capacity than the standard
batteries and they also have a variable

voltage style on the bottom

Show you that right here as
you adjust this dial

it controls the voltage output in the
battery basically the higher you turn

the battery

the hotter the heating coil gets and the
more vapor the atomizer will produce

so for a lot of people if you want to
turn it up and get more vapor

this is the way to go so

so i will show you the base ring it screws into the

first on the outside threads and then you
tighten the atomizer down on the inside



compare this to the regular starter kit
it begins to get a lot bigger

the tank holds a lot more liquid and the
battery is double the capacity

so if you want the best draw out of your
eCig there really no better way to go

thanks for watching guys
my name’s Dustin and I’m with clean smoke

and have a good day


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Employee of Cool Breeze Vapor takes a part an E-cig and showcases the parts.