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Electronic Cigarette Charger Comparison

By September 8, 2017E Cig Charger

Electronic Cigarette Charger Comparison – A few thoughts on the various e cigarette chargers that come with a few of the basic e cig starter kits.

Bo One by JWell | Review & How To Fill! | 2017 Starter Kit

Music: Tropic by Joakim Karud

This is a review for a new closed-system electronic cigarette called the Bo One by a french company called JWell. Out of the ones I’ve tried, this one is my favourite. The build quality seems to be the best, the flavours are nice and it uses a magnetic charger. There are cons though… the “pods” are inconsistent with quality control and the device wobbles a lot in the charger. If these things are fixed I’ll be even more impressed, but as it stands I highly recommend it!

Bo website: http://bovaping.com/

Where I bought mine: http://www.theecigflavourium.com/

Another great MTL kit I highly recommend (I also get paid which is cool): http://juul-vapor.pxf.io/c/370778/334124/5047

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