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Blu E Cigs Review – Should You Buy Their E Cigs?

By June 4, 2017E Cig Charger
e cig charger

Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit- $ 69.95

Starter Kit Includes

1 pack to hold 5 cartridges and charges your batteries on the go
2 electronic cigarette batteries
1 wall charger and 1 USB charger
5-pack of flavor cartridges in the flavor and strength of your choice
30 day money-back guarantee and one year warranty

Blu E Cig Review-

First impression of Blu E Cigs is good. I like their sleek design and the fact that they offer it in black. They also are one of the few that has a charger for on the go which is very convenient.

Their website is straight forward and easy to navigate, as well as a “Live Chat” feature for easy and quick customer service response. They basically have everything a good, solid E Cig Company should have.

Blu Cig Review- What Others Are Saying About Blu

I love my Blu Cig. My neighbor bought one (different brand) and I liked hers but it was tooling and bulky for my liking. I went online and started doing research and found Blu Cig. I love that you don’t have to pour the juice in the e cig it’s already in the cartridge ready to be screwed in. The design is small unlike more e cigs, it draws just like a real cig, if you suck slowly your throat hit will be intense, which is great. You will get the hang of it. I like the cherry but look forward to other flavors. All in all it’s pretty cool. -xxkittygrlxx from electroniccigarettesreviews.net

I’ve had my Blu-cig for about a week now and I absolutely love it, it puts out great vapor, the battery is great and the pack that charges on the go is awesome. I would recommend Blu to anyone. I was not sure cause of past reviews but the new cartridges are great.-Adam from electroniccigarettesreviews.net

Overall Thoughts for Blu E Cigs Review-

The overwhelming amount of positive reviews out there for Blu E Cigs is astounding, putting them in the top 5 of our recommendations for where to buy. They have a pretty good selection to choose from and their prices are good when comparing them to the other companies. They are also one of the few companies with a portable charger for the ultimate in conveinance. They only have 4 flavors, so if you are looking for more variety you would be better off with a company like V2 Cigs or South Beach Smoke. Overall, I definitely would recommend them to those looking to buy E Cigs.

Starter kit £14.99

More information:

It’s available in either Menthol or Classic Tobacco varieties (only 2 cartridges). Earn 500 blu Coins with the purchase of every blu e-cigarette Starter Kit.

Your kit includes:

2 x blu batteries
2 x blu flavour cartridges (Classic Tobacco or Menthol – 18mg)
1 x blu USB stick charger

PCC kit is £29.99

More information:

Available with either three Classic Tobacco or three Menthol cartridges.

Your kit includes:

1 x blu charging case
2 x blu batteries
3 x blu flavour cartridges (Classic Tobacco or Menthol – 18 mg)


1-2 PACKS £6.99 EACH
3-4 PACKS £6.49 EACH
5+ PACKS £5.99 EACH


NRG (o nic or 18mg)
Rich Tobacco
Tobacco Gold
Classic Tobacco

18, 12 or 6 MG strengths in the online store. It works out about £2 per cartomiser at the max discount.Please use vapedog1666@gmail.com as referral code.
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