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By August 20, 2016Disposable E Cigarette

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Discovered a “nicotine no-cost” e-cigarette today, called the “electronic Hookah”, it’s Grape flavoured (really for sale in a number of flavours), and promises the “safer” cigarette smoking encounter free of Nicotine, tar, carbon monoxide, toxins, nasty smells and more etc… it tastes just like candy, and also does not deliver a Buzz..! But really… WTF EVEN? WHY?
The main one i acquired is regarding front counter at a convenience store in Sydney CBD, and value significantly less than for “up at 800 puffs”. (that we’d imagine is approximately exactly like the pack of typical smokes?)

What the manufacturers among these activities state;
Wanting the best possible smoking knowledge from an Electronic cigarette? Sick and tired of bad tasting, limited flavors plus nicotine options? ELECTRONIC HOOKAH brand of Electronic Cigarettes combines the most higher level technology to give perfect smoking skills available from a digital smoke.Simulating the experience of smoking Hookah or Shisha, full flavored vapor with each puff. All combined in a sleek and trendy unit that is small adequate to invest their pouch and also smoke anywhere.Enjoy the flavor of the flavorful hookah where ever you choose to go!
 Tobacco-free, nicotine-free hand-held throwaway hookah as you are able to smoke cigarettes everywhere! Measuring in regards to the measurements of a ball-point pen, silky Electronic-Hookahs live up to their title by creating smooth vapor that isn’t harsh on the throat.In contrast to other Electronic Cigarettes, there’s no button to press in order to trigger the electronic vaporizer : simply inhale and enjoy the preferences of delicious flavored vapor!”

• is sold with tha coordinating cover instance.
• No Tobacco
• No Nicotine
• No Tar
• No Carbon Monoxide
• No Toxic Compounds
• No Odours.
• No butt litter
• Big Smoke Clouds plus great flavour
• Throwaway
• as much as 800 puffs.

The disposable electric e-hookah was manner, portable design! You can use it as an alternative choice for smoking smoke! With it, you’ll smoke cigarettes in a more healthy ways as well as minus secondhand smoke to other visitors near you with no air pollution on environment. It’ll make their cigarette smoking become benign in order to your self and families.
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