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E Cigarrette Versus Consequences and Risks Associated with Smoking Tobacco

By December 28, 2016Disposable E Cigarette
disposable e cigarette

Many smokers want to quit, but this proves to be quite difficult, although nowadays there are different products which encourage smoking cessation, such as nicotine patches or gums. Finally, there is a smarter alternative to smoking, the e cigarrette. This device revolutionized smoking, because the electronic cigarette manages to eliminate all negative aspects of conventional smoking. With the e ciggarrette, there is no smoke, ash, odor problems, tar or health problems related to smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes.

Probably all smokers from all over the world already know that smoking can kill and the risks that smokers take along with this vice are extremely numerous and dangerous. Both on long term and short term, there are numerous diseases associated with smoking tobacco cigarettes yet they are still on the market in legal form.

Among the most serious health problems associated with tobacco smoking are lung cancer and cardiovascular diseases. These problems disappear with the use of the e cigarrette.

The problem is that smokers do not just put their health at risk, they threaten the good health status of the family, loved ones and even pets that are around them when they smoke, exposing them to passive smoking. Moreover, they threaten the environment. With the e cigarrettes you will maintain a healthy and unpolluted environment. All the risks disappear with the use of the e ciggarrette.

Smoking can even lead to death, since the cigarette smoke has the potential to trigger strokes, which can lead to fatality. Stress, eye and endocrine problems can also be caused by smoking.

Above are just a few of the main reasons why smoking is among the most dangerous vices of man. More and more people would like to quit smoking, but they do not find the strength to do it. However, with the new shisha electronic cigarette, things are easier than ever. This is because you do not have to give up the habit, only the harmful substances. By using a disposable e cigarette, you may continue to smoke, in a healthy way, and reduce all the problems related to smoking tobacco. You should not take away the quality of your own life and you may even give a positive example to the generations that follow by using the e cigarette.

And now for those who will not or cannot give up smoking, there is a wide market for nicotine substitutes, including the e cigarrettes that mimics perfectly the act of smoking while eliminating all the harmful effects that lead to all the problems listed above. The e cigarrette can also be used in public places, where smoking is not allowed.

Then why are people still smoking? How long will it take to move these people to realize how much they harm themselves and the loved ones around them? The disposable e cigarette could be the solution to all these problems.