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Disposable Electronic Cigarette Benefits and Drawbacks

By June 24, 2017Disposable E Cigarette
disposable e cigarette

A perfect vape is what every smoker is ready to crave for. Those who were a prey to the nasty habit of smoking traditional cigarette have now got the ultimate freedom. Such are self-motivated and encouraged to make other smokers aware of the features of Disposable Electronic Cigarette. The most appealing factor is simplified use of these devices. Just use it, throw it away; that’s how easy it is.

New Potential
There is likely to be lot of potential that Disposable Electronic Cigarette has. And this is also available at quite a low cost which is easily affordable for all sorts of customers. The pleasurable and satisfactory experience this revolutionary product offers is comparable to none. The instant gratification factor is most appealing to a lot many. The ease of availability makes this even more enticing.

How it is designed to work
Disposable Electronic Cigarette is slightly longer than the normal cigarette. This contains a pre-charged battery and a nicotine filled cartridge. You can immediately start puffing the moment you purchase the product. The button is located at the side of the battery and can easily be triggered. For a couple of days you can easily keep on puffing until the battery totally dies upon nicotine run out. At that point you do not have to charge the battery but just throw or recycle it.

Benefits & Drawbacks
Tobacco taxes is one the factors that can affect the price of the cigarette which is no longer a point of concern in case of disposable ones. The consumption of one full time battery charged cigarette is equal to two packets of cigarettes. The battery works for quite a long period of time and tends to work fairly well. This is extremely useful for the new in this field because it gives them more potential to experiment with e-smoking before permanently switching onto it.

Making the use of disposable ones as a long term habit has come across quite challenging to certain people as it has been talked about that the price difference as compared to traditional cigarette is not that significant and making it a permanent use is turning out to be expensive for smokers.

Disposable Electronic Cigarette is a good alternative for the new users and its ease is something that is attracting a lot of people. Smokers are even fonder of its low cost and simplification plus the experimenters always rate is quite higher than the regular e cigs.