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Blu Menthol Disposable E-Cig

By October 20, 2016Disposable E Cigarette

Just my opinions on this blu disposable e cig. Great in an emergency.

Tinman Electronics 8 - Disposable e-cigarette teardown

People who use e-cigarettes may know what’s inside them, but for anyone else interested in the simple anatomy of the e-cigarette, here’s a quick teardown.

Apart from the mechanical assembly, disposable e-cigarette consists of a few electronic components: battery, sensor, coil. The battery undoubtedly powers the circuit, while the sensor detects when a person is puffing on the cigarette. The coil then turns on, and vaporizes the fluid in the cartridge. Optionally, there can be an indicator LED at the tip to give the impression of smoking/indicate when the cigarette is in use…for safety reasons.

For these disposable e-cigarettes, the cartridge is a propylene-glycol wick, tightly wound by the coil. Not replaceable.

And if it’s a grape-flavored wick, be ready to gag when you smell your fingers after handling.

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