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The Danger of Grow Houses

By November 29, 2016Dangers Of Marijuana
dangers of marijuana

When grow houses first started showing-up in the police radar they were mostly small operations consisting of a few dozen plants. Today, however, these relatively small endeavors have escalated into large scale operations involving thousands, and in some cases, tens of thousands of plants. Grow houses are not just relegated to large suburban homes anyone. Some of the biggest operations have taken place in industrial areas inside factories or warehouses.

In the past grow houses were primarily associated with marijuana. Today you would have to include meth labs into that mix as they are all over the place. There might even be one in your neighborhood and you do not know it. So what are some of the dangers of grow houses?

1. The presence of grow houses can drive property values down. Neighbors generally know what’s going on in their neighborhood. They may even want to move because of it. The fear of having organized crime in any neighborhood, whether or not they interact with the community, is definitely a concern to any potential buyers.

Certainly if a potential homeowner is talking to neighbors and is aware that there is a meth lab in their neighborhood it could affect whether they want to move in or not. Over time, this will drive the property values down as homes remain on the market longer than they normally would.

2. Not safe for kids to be around these types of people. Ask yourself as a parent if you want your kids to be around the type of people frequenting a home with a meth lab. This certainly presents a health hazard, but can also present a danger to your children just in the type of people coming in and out of your neighborhood.

3. Dangers to the homes themselves. Did you know that even leftover meth can present a health hazard? It could even be a potential explosion waiting to happen.

Common household ingredients make up Methamphetamine. When you mix these ingredients together they make a dangerous drug. The residue can remain in the house for years after it was made. This can lead to serious health issues.

Marijuana is not much different. There certainly is a public-health issue as well as a safety issue when you’re dealing with marijuana grow houses such as mold, mildew and tampered wiring.

Another thing to consider is the crime element. The type of people frequenting marijuana grow houses can bring guns and weapons with them. Is the type of thing that you want in your residential neighborhood?

Other potential problems include…..

1. Violence from criminal elements.

2. Traps set by growers to protect their product.

3. Increased crime.

4. Poisonous fumes.

5. Electrocution due to the rewiring of electrical systems.

6. Fires due to electrical bypass.

7. Structural damage to the home as it is modified to make it better suited to grow marijuana.

8. Environmental damage.

9. Harm to children from all of the above.

As you can see the danger of grow houses with marijuana and meth are many and varied. They present possible physical damage, health issues, and an overall danger to neighborhoods in general. If you suspect one in your neighborhood, you should go to the authorities immediately.

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