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Teen Substance Abuse Information For Parents

By July 30, 2017Dangers Of Marijuana
dangers of marijuana

There is a very sad thing happening in today’s society, and that is the fact that today’s youth is being tainted with the disgusting affliction of substance abuse. But understanding why teens succumb to substance abuse can make parents that much wiser, and more likely to educate them on what they need to know to stay drug and alcohol free.

The Science Behind Teen Abuse Of Alcohol And Drugs

One of the biggest causes of teens resorting to substance abuse is because of gateway drugs. Gateway drugs might not even be well described to teens, who may use them in order to get more buff or have longer study periods. Whatever the case, simple supplements and drug prescriptions can help lead to more powerful drugs that will create long-lasting addictions. In this case, parents should educate teens on gateway drugs and how to avoid them at all costs.

Out of all the reasons that teens would try substance abuse with knowing full well that their actions are bad, peer pressure remains to be the biggest culprit. Peer pressure can essentially make a teen doing something he or she would normally not do. In this case, parents should always seek to educate teens on the dangers of peer pressure, and the fact that those who practice it are not good friends in the first place.

Another common effect of teen substance abuse comes via marijuana. We are now seeing parents becoming more likely to use marijuana as compared to previous decades. This is largely due to the fact that many parents were using marijuana in the 1970’s when the drug was vastly popular. Now as these teens have become adults, they may now try to hide the fact that they still use the drug to their kids. But as studies show, almost all kids born to parents who still use the drug in secrecy will be more likely to try the drug themselves if they ever catch on to the fact their parents still abuse the substance.

College students who just can’t find the time to try and cram studying into their busy schedules, studies show, will be much more likely to fall victim to the possibility of substance abuse. To help prevent this sad prospect, parents should always educate students on how to manage their time and that using substance aids will only complicate matters- and should only be temporary solutions at best. A doctor should be consulted before continuing or starting this practice, however.

Final Thoughts

Drug and alcohol abuse is no laughing matter- teens are finding out that their actions will indeed impair their futures as time wears on. But to help protect them from themselves, parents can educate them on stress management, dangers of substance abuse, and parents should also try to exhibit good behavior themselves so as to exhibit a good behavior to follow. Doing so will enable teens to have the best chance possible in succeeding in life being substance-free.

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