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Everything You Should Understand About Marijuana Detox

By August 15, 2017Dangers Of Marijuana
dangers of marijuana

Marijuana is an addictive narcotic and the use thereof can pose a serious health risk. The benefits associated with quitting make any endeavor a good choice. Make no mistake marijuana withdrawal is extremely hard and very real. Although marijuana detox does not show any blatant physical symptoms, it is as difficult to quit as any other drug.

Social perceptions about this drug were formed decades ago when the potency of the drug was not as high as it is today. Due to this, there is a misconception about the withdrawal pains associated with this drug. These pains can be very uncomfortable and the cravings during a detoxification can be so strong that it presents a substantial obstacle to quitting.

Within one day of ceasing use of the drug, the force of the symptoms will reach its peak. It will start a gradual subsidence within three or four days. The symptoms that might be encountered include restlessness, loss of appetite, nausea and extreme cravings. Severe headaches and insomnia may also be present. You may go through periods of irritability and depression. Aggressive behavior might also show as a symptom.

The extent and history of abuse as well as personal physiology will determine the symptoms that will be encountered. The most common withdrawal symptoms are anxiety, insomnia and irritability. The chances of going back to using are extremely high during those first few days because the symptoms are so intense and the cravings could become unbearable.

No medications are available to assist you during this period. The only thing that will help is time. The severity of the symptoms can be lessened by regular and intense exercise. Intense exercise stimulates the release of endorphins that will make you feel good and this will in turn lessen the feelings of depression or anxiety that you may be feeling. Constant activity will also tire your body and this will help you regulate your sleeping pattern.

Having a form of support network to rely on in the early days can help overcome temptation. Keeping active and staying away from areas of temptation may help reduce the intense cravings that you will encounter.

Marijuana detox symptoms and signs vary from person to person and should be treated accordingly. It may not present the dangers associated with an alcohol detox or the pains associated with heroin withdrawal, but it is every bit as hard to do, and the anxiety and cravings can make it extremely hard to quit. If you find it hard to get past the cravings, then you should consider getting help.

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