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Effects of Marijuana Use on Developing Adolescents

By August 14, 2017Dangers Of Marijuana

Effects of Marijuana Use on Developing Adolescents

Dr. Kari Franson from the University of Colorado’s Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences shares information on the long-term negative outcomes marijuana use has on developing adolescents.
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  • David says:

    i smoked weed everyday for 3 months and i feel perfectly fine and it had helped with my anxiety and depression, i know it is not healthy but id rather be happy then not be for a cheap price

  • Vapor de Pachacutec says:

    At 53 and having started at 12, with :
    B.Arch. Bachelor of Architecture
    M.B.A. Master of Business Administration
    BAcy Bachelor of Accountancy
    D.O. Psychiatry
    all before turning 30, I can honestly say this woman is full of shit.

  • Bigtime Fan says:

    I started smoking pot when I was 12. I'm 13 now. A year of smoking weed almost everyday and I'm still perfectly fine. If anything I feel wiser. I get straight A's , I understand absolutely everything I'm being taught. I'm really active and good at track. And I'm still up going and positive. So far I'm perfectly fine. I honestly think this girl is talking bull. I think she hasn't tried it and that's why she's against it. Until you experience it and under stand it I suggest you don't talk about it. You're only one one side of the line. At least try to be on the actual line. (Side note) I am well educated and I am aware of the long term effects for me. I've seen tons of articles and news videos saying it only does little damage and that's only if you smoke every day for 5 years.

  • Promise Me says:

    THC is the only thing known to cause neurogenesis. that means it literally grows new brain cells.

  • Cdiwins1 says:

    good goyim, drug yourself, feel good all the time, there are only happy times

  • kanye west says:

    this lady is an absolute idiot and has no idea of the real effects of marijuana. there is no anxiety, outside of body feelings, and youd have to smoke enough to kill a gorilla to get sent to the hospital. she doesnt state any real facts based on evidence. total dumass.

  • john manuel says:

    Nausea from cannabis??? no, dont know what she is talking about, pump stomach????? idiot

  • john manuel says:

    Think she needs a real job, as you can see how the effects of her propagandist education has harmed or brain

  • Zaynarai says:


  • CYPSA Concerned Young People of South Africa says:

    A well presented video, thank you.

  • BlakeShawn Music says:

    well I don't pop edibles so I'm Gucci. 😂😂😂

  • Raphael says:

    Very clearly explained in an unemotional and factual way.

  • Shoulders of Giants says:


  • Wide Indeed says:

    How the fuck did i get here

  • alyssa scholes says:

    Really lmao

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