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the most effective homemade oil, which will help you treat and cure your painful joints

By September 22, 2017Cure On Oil

You should see your doctor if:

You have a fever and it is not associated with flu symptoms.
You’ve lost 10 pounds or more – without diet or exercising.
Your joint pain lasts for more than 3 days.
You have severe, unexplained joint pain and swelling.
And you shouldn’t be worried, if you experience a burning sensation after the first use. This sensation will disappear after 5 minutes. And, if you have sensitive skin, you should use this oil with caution. Always wear gloves when handling hot pepper powder, and avoid any contact with your eyes. Do not apply it on open skin or wounds. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to share!

Rub This Oil On Your Joints And Your Pain Will Disappear In a Few Minutes!

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  • kevi meru says:

    I believe. Cayenne turbo charge blood circulation. For emergency, in heart attacks or strokes, dip finger in water (wet finger tip) put little cayenne on wet finger and slide it into the mouth of patient (into his/her saliva). This revive the person right away. Better than m2m. It will save the person from brain/heart damage… may even make visit to emergency unnecessary. So carry some cayenne with you always if you have relatives who are prone to attacks.

  • Misbah Pathan says:

    plzz ansr.. what's Cayenne pepper????

  • sujata Fernandes says:

    what is cayenne pepper. is it red chilli powder. pls answer. thnks

  • ari anna says:

    what's cayenne pepper?

  • fattymoko says:

    When I used capsicum cream my skin literally got beet red and felt burned. But after time, my skin wasn't so sensitive and the cream actually numbed deep down into the joint. Far better than a TENS machine which kept hurting my joint worse than helping. It literally works wonders. It does stink anything it touches though and you must not let pets or children rub up against the area as the heat transfers through contact.

  • Vidya Wati says:

    This sounds crazy idea as ceyene pepper will burn the skin

  • Gloria Young says:

    make sure you don't rub your eyes wash hands well

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