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Your Social Life And The Electronic CIgarette

By July 2, 2017Cigarette

So you are one of the thousands of people out there who is aware of the electronic cigarette and is considering making the switch from the conventional cigarette over to the electronic cigarette. You are doing this partially because your friends are tired of you smoking when you are at gatherings and they want you to quit. You think that the electronic cigarette would be a happy medium that everybody could agree with., right? Well you might want to talk to them about it after having a lot of your facts together. So just to make sure you are ready to run this idea by them, here is some information that you will probably find useful.

One of the first things you should know for your own personal knowledge is that the electronic cigarette is not, as of yet, approved by the Food and Drug Administration due to a fear that a smoker could misuse the product and as a result receive nicotine poisoning, but this could also be true of other nicotine products as well. However, this is only if the product is misused.

Now, let us get back on track. The first thing your friend may be worried about is whether or not you smoking the electronic cigarette will cause a big stink. Specifically, they would probably want to know if the electronic cigarette would make you smell like you normally would if you were to be smoking a conventional cigarette. Well, they will be happy to find out that the electronic cigarette does not have the smoke or tobacco of conventional cigarettes.

The electronic cigarette utilizes a refillable liquid cartridge that is composed of nicotine, alcohol, and other liquids. The smoke is actually water vapor. So, you will not be smelling like a smokehouse. And if your teeth are important to you and were an issue before, you will also be happy to know that it is not smoke that comes from the electronic cigarette, but a vapor that releases the nicotine into your body. This means that you will not be staining your teeth with the nasty smoke.

You should speak to other people who have tried the electronic cigarette and see if they were satisfied with the product or not. If your friends are okay with you using the product at parties, then all you really need to do is make sure that it is the right move for you.