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Why Your Friends Would Rather You Use An E-Cigarette

By July 22, 2017Cigarette

Are you a smoker? Do you find that your habit makes some of your friends turn away because they feel that your teeth are a ghastly site and your breath has the unbearable and wretched stench of a dumpster that hasn’t been cleaned in years? Do you find that the majority of mouthwashes that are available do not help this whenever you try to get rid of that odor? Well, the problem may lie simply in the fact that you smoke.

If you, however, are not sure you are ready to give up smoking, then you will be very happy to know that there is a solution that will satisfy both your cigarette craving, but the need of your friends to not associate with a walking dumpster. That solution is the electronic cigarette. Oh? You have already heard of those? But you say you do not exactly know what it is or what it does? Well, here is some information that may help you out in getting all of your friends back, and who knows? Maybe you will even be able to curb your smoking habit.

The electronic cigarette is just what the name implies. It is an electronic device that allows the user to receive the sensation of smoking a regular cigarette. However, there are some big differences. First of all, the electronic cigarette does not use tobacco or smoke. Instead, it utilizes a liquid called e-liquid, which is composed of several substances such as nicotine, alcohol, water, and more. You are probably thinking that the nicotine is the worst part of the cigarette, but most doctors agree that it is not the nicotine that causes the smoker to develop lung disease or other respiratory disorders, but the act of breathing in smoke. Smoking any other plant would have the same effect on the lungs, whether it’s tobacco or spinach. Many people have used the electronic cigarette as a means to ween themselves off of cigarettes altogether and have said that it satisfies the need for nicotine much faster than a normal cigarette can.

You should keep in mind however that the electronic cigarette has not yet been approved by the Food and Drug Administration, due to claims of a lack of testing and their claim of legal jurisdiction over regulation of the products themselves. Perhaps it will not be very long until they conclude that all is well with the electric cigarette as those who already use the product believe it be.

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