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Why The Disposable Cigarette is Not Dangerous

By June 12, 2017Cigarette

Electronic cigarette is a device with positive effects on smokers and non-smokers at the same time. A recently published study conducted by group of researchers in Athens researched the acute effects of vapor on the respiratory system of smokers with and without lung problems.

In this study disposable electronic cigarrettes were used, modern devices that offer a healthy alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes. The researchers studied 24 smokers, of which 11 with healthy lungs and 13 with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and asthma. In subjects using the disposable electronic cigarette for 10 minutes, the resistance of the respiratory pipes was measured before and after the use of the disposable cigarette.

The conclusion of this study was that in smokers with normal spirometry there was a statistically significant increase from an average of 176 % to 220 % in terms of resistance of the respiratory system, and this was just after 10 minutes of using the disposable electronic cigarette. In patients with pulmonary diseases and asthma, using an electronic cigarette seems to have less immediate effect on the resistance. However, when the same patients used the disposable cigarette for a few days, significant increases were observed, too.

Given the results, the researchers say that the disposable electronic cigarrettes are safer much than normal cigarettes. In consequence, the scientists recommend that the smokers replace the tobacco cigarettes with the disposable cigarette. Improvements in health can be observed in a very short time, and, moreover, you do not harm the people around you, either.

Unfortunately these findings were not published in the press and many newspapers and magazines suggest that the e cigarette (alternative name for an electronic cigarette) affects the lungs, lowers blood oxygen and they are simply harmful. These claims are completely false and without any scientific support. Many people are influenced by this misinformation, and they do not have the courage to try the electronic cigarette because of the negative effects they might have on the health. However, if there would be more campaigns to explain how healthy these devices are in comparison to regular cigarettes, many lives could be saved.

The conclusions of the study and the electronic cigarette

The findings of this study are clear: after just 10 minutes of use of the electronic cigarettes, the resistance of the respiratory pipes increased in smokers without lung problems. So the result is far from proving that the electronic cigarettes would produce lung injury and respiratory distress.

Regarding the accusation according to which the electronic cigarette would cause hypoxemia (low blood oxygen in the blood), researchers have not even considered this parameter, this information is distorted by the media, as in the official press release there was no mention of this problem.

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