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Why Invest in an Electric Cigarette?

By December 25, 2016Cigarette

The electric cigarette is a wise investment for anyone addicted to cigarettes. When we smoke we are both performing behaviours we receive enjoyment from as well as inhaling substances that have been proven to be highly addictive. This substance is nicotine. The electric cigarette, not only supplies the user with much needed solution, it also allows the owner of the electric cigarette to go through the whole process of smoking a cigarette. The electric cigarette only works when the user inhales air through the mouth end of the cigarette. The action of drawing air through the electronic airflow sensor results in the electronic cigarette automatically activating its heating element. Some electronic cigarettes may have a button to initiate this, but usually the former process is required. In addition to the activation of a heating element, some electronic cigarettes actually employ an orange-coloured light that illuminates on inhalation. The whole experience is rounded off by a measure of nicotine together with a flavour of tobacco.

The nicotine is real but the flavour of tobacco is synthetic. Nicotine is the substance that the smoker is addicted to. The whole dose is supplied via a highly toxic mix of fumes released when tobacco is burnt. It is the removal of this toxic mix via the removal of the tobacco element that makes for the health benefits of the electronic cigarette. The additional benefit being that there is no danger of passive smoking. Nicotine solutions contain propylene glycol or glycerine which are both common food substances. Nicotine solutions are none in the industry as e-liquids or e-juice, these solutions are available in different flavours and concentrations of nicotine.

As with traditional smoking the electronic cigarette gives the electronic cigarette user the option to choose his or her intake of nicotine. These are ultra-light, light and regular strengths and the determining factor in what dose the smoker gets is via which cartridge the electronic cigarette user chooses to put into the cigarette. For the health conscious smoker there are cartridges available for the electronic cigarette that contain little to no nicotine. As with traditional cigarettes these refill cartridges also provide the smoker with a choice of flavours. Common flavours available for the electric cigarette include, traditional tobacco or menthol. Developers of the electronic cigarette have also produced flavours such as, Marlboro or Camel like solutions. For the really experimental smoker electrical cigarette cartridges also come in, strawberry, orange, mint, vanilla, caramel and coffee.

The electron cigarette has become very popular throughout the world. As traditional smoking and has become less socially acceptable. Coupled with the fact that the knowledge base into the effects of passive smoking on the general public has become so irrefutable, electronic cigarettes have proved indispensible to many existing smokers. The effect of the inhalation of nicotine is still of concern to health professionals in regards to the smoker. However with the electronic cigarette the smoker is no longer polluting the air around him/her with carcinogenic substances which has to be a good thing.

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