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What Are The Benefits To Using An E Cigarette?

By December 25, 2016Cigarette

The electronic cigarette is a fairly new item, having only been invented sometime in 2004. While it took a little time for people to become aware of this smoking alternative, it is steadily gaining more and more popularity as more people are finding out about this once-“underground” item.

The e cigarette is marketed as a smoking alternative but what benefits does the user get from it?

For starters, the e cigarette promises the user an experience that mimics the act of smoking a real cigarette. From afar, the e cigarette looks exactly like a real cigarette and no one would be able to tell that you are using its “fake” because it even lights up at the end of the stick when you take a drag. Furthermore, you actually inhale and exhale a smoke-like vapor. Aside from the fact that the e cigarette may vary slightly in size and weight from a real cigarette, it feels like you are holding an actual cigarette.

As we all know, smoking cigarettes is a dangerous habit that has killed off millions in the U.S. already and threatens the lives of millions more. Tobacco smoke is known to contain thousands of chemicals that have been known to cause birth defects, disease, and other ailments. It is the act of burning the tobacco mixture that causes some of the chemicals and toxins to become carcinogenic. The mixture is laced with additives and other ingredients that really should not be in there and when the cigarette is lit up, it creates a toxic environment for the smoker and everyone around.

The e cigarette, on the other hand, utilizes a cartridge filled with a liquid solution. This solution can contain various strengths of or no nicotine, and it is turned into a vapor by the e cigarette’s heating element called the atomizer. The solution contains just a few ingredients, usually about 10 to 20, and includes propylene glycol, nicotine, water, and other natural and artificial flavorings.

Using an e cigarette eliminates the threat of fire. Thousands of fires happen annually as a result of a cigarette that was not put out completely or because the smoker fell asleep with it in his hand. Since the e cigarette is powered up by a battery, it requires no flame to “light it up”, no ashtrays for the falling ashes that burn holes in your clothing, furniture, and other belongings, and no snuffing it out at the end of the session. After usage, there is no need to worry about putting it out completely because you simply put it away in your pocket, bag, or case.

The benefits to the e cigarette are plenty and smokers can seek comfort in a device that will give them the satisfaction that they crave from a real cigarette.

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