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Using An E Cigarette To Help You Quit Smoking

By July 17, 2017Cigarette

Approximately 35 million smokers attempt to quit the addictive tobacco cigarette, but a very small percentage actually succeed. The nicotine in cigarettes is very addicting, and it causes a psychological and physical craving to the substance. Those who manage to stay clean for a given period of time end up smoking again because they can’t control it.

Quitting is extremely difficult to do and an incredible amount of determination and willpower is needed to succeed. Often times, numerous tries are attempted, and the fate that they will be a smoker for the rest of their life is simply accepted. Although there are various cessation devices and medication available on the market today, the quit rate is still fairly low.

One such product that can aid you in your quest to stop smoking is actually not a cessation device because the FDA has not labeled it as such. It is, at the time being, marketed by manufacturers as a smoking alternative. The device in question is the electronic cigarette, and it delivers nicotine in doses, much like some of the cessation devices, such as the inhaler and the patch.

If you have not yet seen what an e-cigarette looks like, just imagine what a real cigarette looks like because some models look identical to one. Others might vary in color, but its size is usually around the same as a cigarette. The nicotine is mixed in with a liquid solution and is stored inside of the e-cigarette cartridge. When the device’s heating element heats up the solution, the liquid solution turns into a vapor that can be inhaled by the user.

The e-cigarette, although a fairly new item, shows great promise because many former smokers report great things about the device. For one, many smokers stopped smoking tobacco cigarettes immediately after using their e-cigarette, and those former smokers report positive changes in their health. Also, some users report using their e-cigarette less frequently as they used to.

The e-cigarette can help make the transition to a smoke-free lifestyle easier. While other cessation devices could help, there is only one device available right now that takes care of the physical and psychological need of nicotine and the addiction to the “act” of smoking. Some smokers are addicted to both things while some are addicted to only one part.

Whatever your reason for wanting to quit, doing it as soon as possible promises a better and healthier tomorrow.