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Use And Benefits Of The E Cigarette

By January 24, 2017Cigarette

If you frequent tech and gadget forums and sites or have been to a trade show recently, you might have come across it. Or if you went to your local shopping center recently, you might have seen a vendor or two carrying this product. The face of smoking just might change forever, thanks in part to the electronic cigarette.

This product, known as the e cigarette for short, has caused much of a stir in the smoking community as of late. It might be a little hard to imagine, but the product looks like and acts like a real cigarette and is battery-powered. This battery can be recharged, and a single charge could last all day, depending on how often the device is used.

Vapor emits from the device and simulates the smoke from a tobacco cigarette. This vapor, however, is very different from tobacco smoke because it does not contain thousands of chemicals, carcinogens, and toxins that have been known to cause disease and premature deaths in billions of people. It does contain various levels of nicotine, which is what causes smokers to be so addicted to tobacco products in the first place.

The benefits to using an e cigarette are many. First, there is the obvious health factor. E cigarette vapor doesn’t contain nowhere near as many chemicals found in cigarette smoke. In fact, it contains minuscule traces of a couple of chemicals and leaves no odor or residue on your belongings, your clothing, or your home. There is no danger of developing heart disease or cancer, and there is no threat of a premature death.

At the current time, the e cigarette is currently unregulated and still has to be classified by the Food and Drug Administration. Although it is not a cessation device and is only marketed as a smoking alternative, there are plenty of people – smokers, non-smokers, and even health professionals – who hope it will eventually be classified as a cessation device. Users have reported positive changes since using their e cigarette. While reports vary, it typically involves having more energy and vigor and breathing better.

While some users will use both the e cigarette and the tobacco cigarette together, others have not smoked a real one since they started on its electronic counterpart. The pros certainly look promising and could lead to a more promising future for many smokers who have desperately tried and failed many times.

The words “electronic” and “cigarette” may sound like a weird combination, but it seems to be working very well so far.