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The Sensation Of An Electronic Cigarette

By February 8, 2017Cigarette

You are thinking about trying an electronic cigarette. You like smoking, but know that the chemicals in a normal tobacco cigarette are slowly eating away your health. One of these green electronic cigarettes has none of the carcinogens of a conventional cigarette. And while having none of the tar, smoke, ash or chemicals, it does give you that fabled nicotine high. And that is all any smoker wants.

Research has consistently revealed that up to four thousand chemicals are found in ordinary tobacco cigarettes. The added chemicals are supposedly to intensify the nicotine sensations delivered to the brain.

However, none of these chemicals are in an e cigarette because it is a smoke-free cigarette. A cartridge inside the e cigarette contains a specific level of nicotine, proportionate to the preference of the user.

To compare, a 4-mg cartridge is equal to an ultra light cigarette. A 6-mg cartridge is equal to light and an 8-mg cartridge is equal to a regular. The highest level, at 16 mg, is equal to that of the unfiltered cigarette.

Because there are few chemicals in this electronic cigarette, an initial experience in smoking it could seem strange. What is missing are the effects on the brain and body of the chemicals in normal cigarettes. This strange feeling is actually a good feeling, a sign that your body is adjusting well to the missing effects.

One of the important elements to the effectiveness of an electronic cigarette is its vapor. Consisting of nicotine, purified water, propylene glycol, and various kinds of flavoring, the vapor effect is slight. The vapor produced triggers sensors found inside the cigarette. Then the desired level of nicotine is delivered.

If you think propylene glycol sounds familiar, it just might be. It is an organic additive normally found in cake mixes and food coloring. As mentioned earlier, a variety of flavors are available, including such popular ones as coffee, strawberry, apple, and more. Of course, there are also the traditional tobacco tastes from which to choose.

As you might expect, the vapor produced is less toxic than of regular cigarette smoke. And there are no toxins or tar, either, nor smoke or ashes.

However, this scent is usually not offensive because it is so slight and easily dissipates. If you will remember, too, that the scent given off is that of the flavor cartridge that was purchased. A chocolate flavor cartridge produces a hint of chocolate odor, not the smell of tobacco smoke.

Two tobacco-flavored cartridges are available for when concern about tobacco smoke is of no concern. One type of tobacco flavor is a slightly sweet, like that of a pipe. And the other is more like a conventional cigarette.

The innovations continue, as the duration of one cartridge is about the same as it is of a pack of regular cigarettes. And having several nicotine levels to choose from allows the users to control the amount of nicotine they intake.

Finally, a lithium ion battery runs the electronic cigarette. A battery charged to the full has a duration of about five cigarettes. Or in another manner of explaining, you would have between fifty and seventy puffs of a conventional cigarette as a measure. As with all electronics, the how long each cartridge lasts depends on the habits of each individual user.

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