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The Parts And Use Of The Electronic Cigarette

By October 28, 2016Cigarette

The Electronic Cigarette became popular in the year 2006 and has taken several names like safe cigarette, smokeless cigarette or e-cigarette. It is a battery-powered device that comes in three parts: the rechargeable battery, the atomizer and the cartridge. The smoker inhale doses of nicotine in different levels by way of vaporized solutions. The vapor provides the same flavor and physical sensation to smoking a real tobacco cigarette. It is being promoted as the safest alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes and a gentle way to gradually quit smoking.

The Electronic Cigarette, as compared to a real tobacco cigarette, is very similar, but you can hardly see the difference. In the use of the safe cigarette, the process of combustion is not observed. In other words, it does not need flame or a lighter, therefore saving the expense for its purchase.

The use of Safe Cigarette is very easy since it is reusable; the parts are replaceable and refillable. The parts of the safe cigarette are the following:

Cartridge or the mouthpiece

The cartridge or mouthpiece is attached to the end of the tube and resembles the traditional tobacco cigarette filter. It comes as a small disposable plastic cup-like. This part holds an absorbent material saturated with a flavored liquid, glycol and flavor which may contain nicotine. The inner cup makes it possible for the air to flow around it and through a home in the outer piece. This moves the vapor into the user’s mouth through suction. When the solution is used up, it can be refilled or replaced with another cartridge.


The atomizer is the one responsible of heating the element that vaporizes the liquid in the mouthpiece, which is then inhaled by the smoker. When the smoker inhales the smoke through the mouthpiece, the atomizer is automatically activated and then vapor-like smoke is being produced. The smoke is very similar to the one produced by a real cigarette but in this case, it is harmless because it was found out that it doesn’t contain harmful chemicals that will harm the body. The atomizer last for one month on the average and then it needs to be replaced. When the smoke that comes out of the electronic cigarette is already getting thin, this is a sign that the atomizer needs to be replaced. Some manufacturers produce the atomizer and pre-filled cartridge as one part of a whole component.

Rechargeable Battery

The battery is the largest component of the safe cigarette. The atomizer is powered by a lithium battery controlled by the sensor. At the other end, the LED lights up like a burning glow of a tobacco cigarette. When the device stops functioning, it is an indication that it needs to be recharged. The battery can be recharged by using the supplied cartridge, USB and wall charger. Battery life depends on the frequency of use and battery type and size.

Nicotine Solution

The nicotine solution is the one responsible for giving pleasure in smoking because it is this substance that replaces the nicotine in a traditional cigarette. It is sold as a separate entity from the safe cigarette. Other people call it the e-liquid or the e-juice. It is found in the market and comes in different flavors like menthol, vanilla, caramel and coffee. There are nicotine solutions that are commonly called zero-nicotine mainly because there’s no nicotine present in it.

Electronic cigarette offers the same satisfaction and pleasurable experience comparable to that of smoking tobacco cigarette. It is the safest alternative to smoking to slowly eliminate the cravings for nicotine without the risk of cancer and other diseases brought about by smoking.

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