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The Electronic Cigarette

By February 17, 2017Cigarette

The electronic cigarette is a small device that has been hailed as the new alternative to smoking. The miracle device is small and looks just like a cigarette. Charged by a small, but powerful and long-lasting battery, the electronic cigarette vaporizes a small amount of nicotine every time the user pulls on it, just like they would with a real cigarette.

These types of devices have been around for a long time, but until now they have been quite large and awkward, and looked nothing like a cigarette. The old devices were fine for use when you were on your own in your home, but a lot of people found them quite embarrassing to use out in public places. The new devices, however, are much more sleek looking and mimic a real cigarette in nearly every way. The most obvious similarities are the ‘smoke’ that the device gives off. This ‘smoke’ is actually harmless water vapor – it is only there for effect. There are lots of various types of the same device available. Some give off substantially more smoke than others, but the battery drains much faster. As the amount of smoke doesn’t necessarily have the most nicotine it’s important to shop around and get what’s best for you.

Another big similarity is the tip of the electronic cigarette. When the user pulls on the device the tip lights up, just like burning embers on a real cigarette. With all of these effects together in the one device it makes it quite difficult to tell an electronic cigarette apart from a real cigarette.

With all of these similarities to real cigarettes, why would anyone bother? why not just smoke a real cigarette? Well, for starters it’s a hell of a lot less expensive smoking an electronic cigarette than smoking a real cigarette. The average packet of cigarettes is about $ 9 for 20. A cartridge for an electronic cigarette that lasts around the same as 20 cigarettes is $ 0.70. This is a massive saving, and over the course of a year results in thousands of dollars of savings. You’ll notice the saving straight away. $ 0.70 is so little that it’s comparable to just quitting entirely, as its such a low cost to the consumer. You could use the savings to buy a new car, or even a newer house.

The other big benefit is probably the most important: your health. When using an electronic cigarette you are not inhaling all of the horrible parts of a traditional cigarette, like the tar. Instead you just get the nicotine hit and some harmless water vapor. You can save your life, and your wallet, all at the same time. Users of the electronic cigarette report feeling more healthy and vibrant within a week of using them.

Aswell as all of these benefits the recent smoking ban make switching to electronic cigarettes even more attractive. Because you’re not technically smoking you can use the electronic cigarette anywhere, including inside pubs, clubs, bars, gigs and stadiums.

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