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The Electric Cigarette Can Help With Your Smoking Habit

By July 4, 2017Cigarette

Have you ever tried to quit the habit of smoking by holding a unlit cigarette in your hands or in your mouth? Some of you might have done so or you might have carried an unopened pack in your pocket or purse. Usually when asked why you do this you might say it is just habit and perhaps a comfort just knowing that it is there. If you do not know about it already, there is a product on the market today that is much better than an unlit cigarette. It is called the e-cigarette. It is a smoking device that lets you get your hit of nicotine without having to light it. It is a battery operated device shaped like a real cigarette, but that is where they change.

You do not have to light these because when you inhale on one a orange light will show up so that you know it is working. You will receive of dose of nicotine as you inhale. You will no longer be sending out that nasty secondhand smoke that you do with real cigarette. You might also find out that you like this devise better than the old cigarette. You might have even tried the patches and even the gum only to find that you have to find something to do with your hands and you are missing something in your mouth. These two things are such a part of the smoking habit and many smokers that are trying to quit just can not get over this part. These habits are just as involving for the smoker as their addiction to the nicotine in a cigarette.

When you try to quit the habit of smoking you will need to find something that will cover all of the things involved with the smoking of a cigarette. This is a large factor why all of the other things on the market with the purpose of helping one quit do not always work. They only cover the nicotine addiction. This person will need to cover all of these bases if they really plan to succeed. Using a e-cigarette covers all of these bases and you can quit from these at your own pace if that is what you decide to do. Many people continue to smoke the electric cigarette because they have far less guilt about the health factor. The electric cigarette is not marketed as a stop smoking aid and it is up to the smoker to step down from the nicotine and use of the product if they want to quit.

The electric cigarette does not have the many chemicals that tobacco has these days. It is almost odorless and leaves no residue because it evaporates so quickly. They are cheaper to use than tobacco cigarettes and this is another reason that so many smokers are using this product instead.

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*written by Kevin Cronin

recorded June 2015 in Brooklyn, NY

Greg Gonzalez – vocals , electric guitar, acoustic guitar
Phillip Tubbs – keyboards
Randy Miller – bass
Jake Tomsky – drums

recorded by Greg Gonzalez
mixed by Rocky Gallo
mastered by Mike Kalajian at Rogue Planet
Cover: Rayography Feather by Man Ray
Cover design: Greg Gonzalez & Randy Miller