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The E Cigarette Is A Revolutionary Product

By July 16, 2017Cigarette

There was a time when people doubted there were any ill effects of smokiobacco cigarettes and inhaling the secondhand smoke. In fact, it was so accepted that smoking could be done inside public buildings without any ramifications or without anyone giving you a disgusted look. Speed forward a few decades and numerous studies on smoking, and you now have the accepted common knowledge that smoking cigarettes does kill people.

As a result of this backlash against tobacco products, smokers have suffered from rules and regulations that restrict them from enjoying their smoking time. Rules about how far you have to stand from a building have been enforced as well as rules regarding smoking inside any public area. In some places, smoking is looked down upon so much that shop owners will place disdainful and scornful messages on their windows about cigarette smoking.

All that has changed, however, with a revolutionary product that has been causing a whirlwind in the market as of late. That product is the e-cigarette, which may sound like a weird contraption, but is actually very beneficial. The e-cigarette, or electric or electronic cigarette, emulates the traditional tobacco cigarette, but it is different in many ways.

For one, the e-cigarette requires no flame to light up, and therefore there is no smoke. The smoke-like substance you see coming out of the end of the device is actually an odorless vapor. The e-cigarette’s atomizer, or heating element, heats up the liquid solution that is contained in the cartridge and turns it into vapor, which is then inhaled by the “vaper”. The user gets the same feel as smoking a tobacco cigarette because the liquid solution contains different strengths of nicotine. Of course, no nicotine solutions are also available.

Although the e-cigarette is not marketed as a cessation device, many users have found it to help them stop smoking. Because they can still get their nicotine from the e-cigarette, they no longer have a craving to smoke a real cigarette, which is better for them because they are inhaling less toxins and cancer-causing agents that are typically found in cigarette smoke. Users have reported that they feel better, breathe better, and even have more energy than they did before.

As of now, it seems that the vapor emitted from the e-cigarette is safe and contains no harmful chemicals, so there are no laws regarding where they can be used or cannot used.