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The Disposable Electronic Cigarette – An Invention that Was Supposed to Be

By June 14, 2017Cigarette

The electronic cigarette was originally developed and designed to help hardcore smokers to quit smoking (although it was not approved at first for this purpose). The e-cigarette simulates the action of smoking and produces a vapor that can be inhaled and which may have different flavors, depending on the user’s preferences.

A chapter in the history of electronic cigarettes – If you go to the history and chronology of this product, you should know that the electronic cigarette was invented by Hon Lik, in Beijing. He has been a pharmacist for 52 years and he was also one of the hardcore smokers we were talking about above. His motivation for the invention of the electronic cigarette was spurred by the death of his father, who died from lung cancer from smoking two packs of cigarettes a day. Lik developed the electronic cigarette within the company he was working for, and he named the first electronic cigarette “Ruyan” – which in Chinese means “like smoke”.
Dr. Sam Han, who was a CEO at one of the first electronic cigarettes manufacturer companies also contributed to the development of the electronic cigarette. As Hon Lik, he was also a hardcore smoker for over 40 years before the electronic cigarette was invented. Currently, Dr. Han keeps marketing this product and dealing with interconnecting markets of electronic cigarettes worldwide.

Research and studies associated with the Shisha pen – Physical sensation, flavor and appearance of the shisha pen are very similar to tobacco cigarettes. In the case of disposable electronic cigarrettes, current is used to heat the e-liquid solution to produce an aerosol from the propylene glycol or glycerin-based liquid (eg vegetable glycerin). The shisha pen works on the principle of a vaporizer, which is used to produce vapor to be inhaled. This product is used by many in the attempt of quitting tobacco smoking and thus reducing the risks to health associated with traditional smoking.
It’s good to know that disposable electronic cigarrettes are completely free of health risks due to the fact that they contain no nicotine. Health organizations and researchers have different views regarding the negative effect of the disposable electronic cigarette on health. This is because until present, there have been too few studies conducted on the effects (especially on long term) because of the rapid growth in popularity of the e-cigarette. More and more countries have accepted the shisha pen as a legal product.

Electronic Cigarette on the evolutionary ladder – Now, if we talk about the evolution of the electronic cigarette, we have to mention that in April 2006, the electronic cigarette burst on the European market. Then, in 2007, it was introduced in America. In September 2008, the World Health Organization stated that there was evidence that the electronic cigarette can help in the quitting smoking process. They also started campaigns which promote this fact, which reflects that the electronic cigarettes can be smoked safely and harmlessly.