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The Different Kinds Of E-Cigarette Kits On Offer To Buy

By November 19, 2016Cigarette

Smokers who are trying to reduce smoking of regular cigarettes as well as those seeking to quit smoking have a new invention called electronic cigarettes used with e-liquid. However for you to be able to get the best out of an electronic cigarette you need to understand the type of electronic cigarette kit that best suits you. There are currently quite a number of electronic cigarette types to choose from and for a starter making a choice might be difficult.

For the sake of our discussion we are referring to the functioning of the electronic cigarette when we talk of the type. The functioning of the electronic cigarette is what is being referred to as type in this discussion. This should not be confused with the styles of electronic cigarettes which refer to the appearances of the electronic cigarette. Different types of electronic cigarette styles are produced by different electronic cigarette manufacturers. For instance the two piece electronic cigarette – which we shall discuss later, styled in ball point fashion.

The contents of an electronic cigarette kit are important in helping us understand the types of electronic cigarette kits. The e-liquid, an atomizer, a battery, a charger and a cartridge are the typical components of an electronic cigarette kit – like the ego tank for example. These components will be designed and matched differently to give you your favorite electronic cigarette type. The level of convenience required as well as the level of experience one has at using electronic cigarettes are the main basis of choosing a type of an electronic cigarette.

The first type is the single piece electronic cigarette and it is the easiest to use. The components of this type of electronic cigarette are a charged battery and a cartridge and it is disposable after use. In comparison to other types of electronic cigarette kits, the single piece is quite affordable. The single piece electronic cigarette is a goof start for someone who is not conversant with the use of electronic cigarettes.

Another type that is available is the two piece cigarette kit. The two piece kit is available with a rechargeable battery and a replaceable cartridge. The cartridge has an in-built atomizer and is filled with the e-liquid containing the nicotine. This type of electronic cigarette kit is ideal for a starter as well as it saves you the headache of handling an atomizer. It also allows you the convenience of changing flavors by switching the cartridges of different flavors.

The three piece kit is the third type of electronic cigarette. This electronic cigarette comes with a rechargeable battery, an atomizer and a cartridge. The cartridge is separate from the atomizer meaning you have to fix an atomizer to be able to use the nicotine filled cartridge. The main undoing of this kit has is having to bear an extra cost of replacing the atomizer when it wears out.

The other types comprise of a variation of the three piece kit. A USB charger for the battery as well as different flavors of nicotine cartridges may be included by manufacturers. The cartridge may be refillable meaning you would have to keep purchasing the e-liquid or disposable.

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