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The Difference Between An E-Cigarette And The Real Thing

By February 2, 2017Cigarette

We all know about all of the things that the smoking of those real cigarettes give to us. If you happen to be a young or newer smoker, you might not but you always will as time goes by. A real cigarette consists of tobacco leaves, paper, the filter and all of the stuff inside the filter and then you also have the glue that holds this thing together. With each step of the process of putting this one cigarette together the makers add chemicals to each piece. This means once you light this one cigarette all of these chemicals are allowed to enter your body, causing all kinds of problems.

There is an item on the market today that will get you away from all of these different chemicals. It is called the e-cigarette. It happens to look like a cigarette but is nothing like one. It is made from a small round shaped battery that has a small atomizer connected to a filter. You do not have the tobacco, paper, that paper filter or even the glue. Not only do you no longer have to deal with any of the problems that come from these but you also don’t have to use ashtrays and lighters. You will no longer have the dirty old ashtrays that sit around your home. Then you will not smell that nasty old smoke smell that hangs on everything in your home either.

Here is one big difference between a real cigarette and a e-cigarette. With the cigarette ,once you light it and smoke it you have no choice but to throw it out. In other words: one cigarette, one time. With the e-cigarette, you take it out of your pocket and use it and then put it back in that pocket. Since you do not have to light it, there is no heat to burn you after using it. So gone are the ashes and the butts. The really nice thing about using this is that you can start using it the minute you step out the door. You hold it and use it like the real cigarette but you are not smoking a cigarette.

With a real cigarette you receive nicotine as you do with an e-cigarette but with the e-cigarette you receive this nicotine faster. The reason for this is the nicotine is in the filter and this one filter is or can be equal to a full pack of real cigarettes and all you have to carry is one e-cigarette.