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Smoke 51 E Cigarette And Buy Cheap Electronic Cigarettes USA

By February 25, 2017Cigarette

Safe Smoke™ electronic cigarette offers several concrete benefits for smokers. If you are a smoker and you want to gradually quit, then these e-cigs could help you. The atomized liquid nicotine is less addictive than the nicotine of real cigarette. E-cigarettes will enable you to smoke in areas where traditional cigarettes are prohibited, including some city limits like Glendale, Burbank in California and other similar cities.
Most importantly, the electronic variants are more economical because each cartridge provides approximately 200 to 300 puffs equivalent to two to three packs. Because of increasing popularity, more and more e-cigs are being produced today. Safe Smoke™ offers the best value for your money, and here are some practical tips to the benefits of Safe Smoke™ best electronic cigarette.

When buying Safe Smoke™ electronic cigarette starter kit, the first thing you need to consider is your own smoking habit. Are you a heavy smoker or a social smoker? Do you require more nicotine hits per day? Safe Smoke™ E-cigs have different nicotine strength. If you are a heavy smoker, then you should get a kit that offers stronger nicotine content. For those who are trying to kick the smoking habit, it is recommended to purchase e-cig kit that offers several nicotine level strengths. This way, you will have the opportunity to gradually reduce your nicotine intake. In fact, the best electronic cigarettes manufacturer can provide a kit that has zero nicotine level which Safe Smoke™ offer. This type of e-cig is perfect if you are already in the final stage of quitting the habit.

Safe Smoke™ also offer flavored nicotine, Menthol, Chocolate, Coffee and Vanilla.
Safe Smoke
1-877-820-6099 – Toll Free
1-530-422-2222 – California, USA
1-818-688-8178 – Fax
Email – info@safesmoke.us
More Information – www.safesmoke.us

E-cigarettes are devices designed to deliver nicotine to the user without ever having to light up a conventional cigarette. These devices were first patented in 2003, and they’ve been available for sale in the US since 2007. Manufacturers of these products advertise them as safe, safer than traditional forms of smoking, as a way to actually quit smoking is their pitch. Right now, the jury is still out on the long-term health effects from e-cigarettes.

But, what we’re focusing on today are the lawsuits being filed against the manufacturers of e-cigarettes because the lithium-ion batteries in the devices have been known to explode during normal use and during the time that you’re charging the batteries. 80% of the fires with e-cigarettes occur while the device is being charged in the USB port.

Mike Papantonio, host of America’s Lawyer, discusses this with attorney Andrew McGraw.

Learn more about E-Cigarette dangers here: https://www.levinlaw.com/e-cigarette-burns

Find Andrew McGraw’s contact info here: https://www.levinlaw.com/attorney-profiles/andrew-mcgraw

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