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Repalcing Your Tobacco Cigarette With An E-Cigarette

By August 5, 2017Cigarette

There are a lot of people that are saying that the electric cigarette will help you to stop smoking, when in fact the electric cigarette was designed to be a replacement for smoking tobacco. You can give up smoking tobacco if you use your electric cigarette regularly and put the tobacco aside, but no one ever meant that this device would not make you want the nicotine that you are used to. It is simply a different way to get it. The e-cigarette does provide you with the nicotine you crave and it is a much cleaner way to get it.

The e-cigarette does not produce any tar because it is never lit with fire. The nicotine solution is heated by a tiny little heater called an atomizer. The atomizer is powered by a rechargeable battery stick. When air is drawn through that atomizer and warmed, it heats the nicotine liquid that the user inhales. It is not real carcinogenic smoke, but a water vapor mixed with the nicotine solution. The vapor evaporates very quickly when it is exhaled and does not produce deadly secondhand smoke for harm others around you.

The purpose of the electric cigarette is to allow you to have your nicotine. It mocks the act of smoking tobacco, but without a lot of the annoyances that come with tobacco use. There are no ashes to deal with using the e-cigarette. There is no stinky odor to smell up your home or car. Since there is no sticky tar residue involved, it will not stain your skin, clothes, or other items in your home or car.

The nicotine filters you use with the device are almost equivalent to one pack of tobacco cigarettes and one filter should last you all day if you are accustomed to smoking one pack per day. One fully charged battery stick should also last you all day if you use just one filter. You never have to worry about where you can put out your e-cigarette because there is no fire. This also means that there is no risk of burning anything and starting a fire even if you fell asleep with it in your hand. If you drop it in your car while you are driving down the road, there is absolutely no reason to panic like you would if it were a burning tobacco cigarette. You simply let it lie where it landed until you stop and retrieve it.

You can continue to use tobacco cigarettes if you choose to, but it is better if you switch to the electric cigarette completely if you really want to reduce the risks of health damage that is caused by tobacco smoking. Using the electric cigarette does not mean you are giving up your nicotine, you are just changing the way you are getting it.