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Red Dragon’s Electric Cigarette Offers Customer Personalization

By March 15, 2017Cigarette

GOODYEAR, AZ – Customers of Red Dragon’s premier electric cigarette manufacturer do not have to use just one product style or flavor – they have selections that put a fashionable spin on the experience.
Along with the electronic cigarettes, the company has lots of electronic cigarette accessories for Red Dragon system customers. On the website, customers might want to browse around and check out the many electronic cigarette accessories to locate batteries, chargers, skins for the Red Dragon, or a stylish carrying case.

“We offer so many selections because we want to allow our customers to individualize their own kits in a stylish way,” says Red Dragon spokesperson Nick Evans. “This can be more fun for the customers, and it enables them to make their own personal fashion statement with their systems.”

Red Dragon offers Dragon Skins that adhere to the battery section, which allows customers to transform smoking systems to reflect their individual taste. The improved skins, made with Dragon-Armor protective coating, adhere to the battery section. The battery cover skins come in 18 designs. They are called: green gator, psychedelic jaguar, footprint on beach, rattlesnake, zebra, small skulls, blue smoke and laser and spider web, to name a few. If those options are not enough, customers may also choose green camouflage, pink camouflage, footprint on beach, daisies, rose collage, burnt orange dragon, Victorian rose, all red, checkered flag, or all black.

The attractive battery finish on the mini electronic cigarette features bands of gold along the white body. The Red Dragon logo on the battery looks impressive also, and suites the style well. The mini electronic cigarette comes in white with gold bands, and cartridges are stocked in white or gold and can be special-ordered in green or brown.

In the electronic cigarette accessories category on the website, electronic cigarette batteries are offered to replace worn-out Red Dragon batteries. Screw on a cartridge and the replacement battery can be used as a second electronic cigarette. Red Dragon’s e-cigarette battery enables customers to keep one at the office or at home, and another in the car. The choices reach beyond the skin colors. Customers are offered assorted flavors, such as menthol, regular, cherry or vanilla. Four-pack cartridges come in gold or white. Customers may select nicotine strengths: high- 16 mg; medium- 11 mg; low- 6 mg; or no nicotine- 0 mg.

The unique electric cigarette products make it possible to smoke anywhere, even indoors – with no offensive smoke or odor. These electronic cigarettes do not contain tobacco, tar, smoke, or any of the toxic chemicals in cigarette smoke. Electronic cigarettes are designed with a microchip, sensor and atomizing circuit. The circuit activates upon inhalation, and vaporizes a nicotine and flavor solution in the electric cigarette cartridge. The fine vapor mist provides the sensation and taste of smoking – yet it is smokeless. The vapor evaporates in seconds. Red Dragon electric cigarette cartridges last longer and produce more smoke than other brands. Cartridges usually last about the same as 10 to 20 regular cigarettes, but at a great cost savings.

About Red Dragon Offering one of the best electric cigarettes on the market, Red Dragon is dedicated to helping people who want a high-quality alternative to tobacco. Electronic cigarettes allow smokers to smoke wherever they want and helps the non-smokers around them avoid inhaling tobacco cigarette smoke.

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