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Making The Transition Easier With An E Cigarette

By August 9, 2017Cigarette

The nicotine that is found naturally in the tobacco leaves is classified as a very powerful drug. In fact, it is so powerful that billions of people all over the world are addicted to tobacco products, such as cigarette, cigars, chewing tobacco, and pipes. In the United States alone, some 35 million smokers attempt to leave behind their smoking habit, but it somehow always catches up to them.

There are several cessation products that can be of aid to assist you in your quest to stop smoking. The actual quit rate varies from product to product because some have its cons. Nicotine delivery systems, for example, administer the nicotine into your system, but it doesn’t help you with your physical addiction to smoking. After having smoked for so long, you might start to miss the act of smoking itself and not so much the feeling of nicotine coursing through your body.

One such product that can also be of aid is the e cigarette, or electronic cigarette. One huge advantage that this device has over the other products is that it looks exactly like a cigarette. While some models will vary in color and slightly in size, it still resembles the long, tube-like shape of a cigarette, which gives smokers the satisfaction of holding it in their hands. Except for the fact that it is powered by a rechargeable battery and that you do not need a lighter to light one up, it still feels and looks like a real cigarette, so much so that it has drawn the attention of many people when someone uses it in a public building!

Through the help of the heating element and a liquid solution that can or cannot contain different doses of nicotine, there is also a vapor that resembles smoke. This vapor evaporates into the air within just a few seconds, and it also doesn’t smell. Since it is a vapor and not smoke, there is no secondhand smoke, so it is safe, for the time being, to use around other people and even your pets, who are also susceptible to developing disease from secondhand tobacco smoke. The smoker can inhale on the e cigarette, which targets the hand-to-mouth action that many smokers find comfort in.

The results vary from those who start with the e cigarette for the first time. A big percentage of smokers report that they immediately stopped smoking cigarettes altogether when they first started using their e cigarette, while some report that they balanced both products out until they eliminated the tobacco cigarettes completely. Still, there is a small percentage of people who felt it did nothing for them.

Anyone who has the desire to quit smoking has a plethora of options to choose from, the e cigarette included.

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