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Is Electronic Cigarette a Cheaper Alternative?

By January 14, 2017Cigarette

A cigarette of course costs lesser than an electronic cigarette, well at least, that is how people perceive it. This is because of the fact that a single stick of cigarette is just a rolled tobacco with its butt filter, as compared to an electronic cigarette which is made using the latest in technology incorporating chips and devices that may look to be of high cost. An electronic cigarette comes with a battery charger, cartomisers and cartridges, not to mention the flavor and nicotine drops. By merely looking at it of course one could fathom that the electric cigarette would be a lot more expensive than that of a regular cigarette.

Putting Things in Perspective

Before passing judgment on which is a lot more expensive it would be best to look at the bigger picture. A cigarette costs around £4.00 per pack and provided that the person smokes one pack a day then he or she will be spending around £1440.00 in a year. While when using an electronic cigarette one can only spend around £2.00 per electric cigarette cartridge. Where each cartridge is equivalent to one pack of cigarette then you will therefore if a pack of cartridge costs around £10.00 and each pack contain a standard of five cartridges therefore you will be paying £10.00 for five packs of cigarettes. So if you will do the math you will be spending about £720.00 for a whole year. So you will actually be paying more if you want to stick with the traditional cigarette.

Aside from that however, there are other means on how you are saving a lot from using electronic cigarette. With the use of electronic cigarette you will be reusing your device and would just have to purchase cartridges or nicotine and flavor refills. Consumption therefore is controlled since you are the one responsible for refilling your cartridge or device. If you control your nicotine consumption then your stock of nicotine and flavor will actually last longer and you wouldn’t need to purchase another refill anytime soon.

When using electronic cigarette you will surely be able to save more than compared when you smoke tobacco cigarettes. Not to mention the fact that you will not be inhaling harmful chemicals into your lungs which could be detrimental to your health and might cost you a lot more in hospital bills. Since an electronic cigarette is using vapor with nicotine and flavor which you can control you can be assured that you will be inhaling vapor rather than smoke as compared to what a traditional cigarette would deliver.