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How Well Of A Smoking Alternative Is The E Cigarette?

By July 18, 2017Cigarette

You might have seen them at a recent trip to the mall or other shopping center in your neighborhood. You might have even clicked on your Stumble Upon icon on your browser and found an article about it.
Or you might have been taking a quick break from working and thought you would visit a gadgets forum and found a product review on the item. There is a new product that has taken the world by storm, and it doesn’t look like it’s a fad either. This new product is the e cigarette, and it has reached stardom status overnight and culled a following.

The e cigarette is not a cessation product. It was never marketed as one, but it could be marketed as one if the FDA approves its status. What is is being marketed as is a smoking alternative. A “healthier” and “safer” alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes. These claims are currently being evaluated by the FDA through laboratory testing.

The success of the e cigarette has been huge thus far, and the reports coming in from users have been astoundingly positive. In fact, a big percentage of users claim that it works very well as a smoking alternative. It does as it says: helps deliver nicotine through the vapor. Again, the e cigarette is not a cessation device, but users hope that it will be marketed as one soon. The product has worked well for them, and they hope that it works well for the 35+ million Americans who try to quit smoking every year.

There have even been a percentage of people who claim that they are using their e cigarette less frequently. Several cases have been reported through e cigarette suppliers and distributors:
1. The users immediately stopped smoking cigarettes the very first day the e cigarette was used.
2. The users started using their e cigarette less and less as the weeks went by.
3. The users stopped using the e cigarette and did not go back to smoking within weeks of first using the device.

The reports have truly been astounding, and users have been guiding their smoker friends and family to this product.

With a product as promising as the e cigarette, this could greatly reduce the amount of preventable smoke-related deaths and diseases. The billions of dollars that go towards smoking-related health care costs would be dramatically lower, and people can live longer to spend more time with family and friends.

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