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How Electronic Cigarette Replaced Traditional Cigarette

By December 6, 2016Cigarette

Electronic cigarette, whenever we heard this name it comes to our mind that it is some kind of cigarette that works with electric charge. It is new way of smoke that is leading effective trend in young generation. At present times life is busy in admiring new inventions and people looking forward to have really something safe and reusable.
Electronic cigarette is a new way to smoke and if we compare it with older ways of smoking. It does not leave any harmful chemical after burning. Now we can discuss its main features that make it better than traditional cigarette.
* Safety
Electronic cigarette is a safe way to smoke, it does not harm others. It really becomes obstacle when you need to look around and check for any inconvenience. Traditional cigarette is not safe to be used at any desirable place as compared to traditional cigarette. If we talk about the tobacco laws electronic cigarettes does not require any proof before your purchase.
* Leave No Harmful Chemicals
As we know that mostly older cigarette leaves ash after burn. There is no such problem of leaving any harmful chemicals in electronic cigarette. They burn electronically and provides same feel of relaxation like normal one.
* Reusability Factor
Electronic cigarette is a device that is made to be used again and again. If we talk about normal cigarette it can only be used once, after that it got finished with. Electronic cigarette never got finish. In fact require refilling only.
* Contains No Tobacco
Normal cigarette contains toxic element Tobacco in it. Electronic cigarette consist of nicotine as main element that get vaporised. It depends you want nicotine or not in your deal. Amount of nicotine can be chosen by user.
* Vaporizer cigarette
Electronic cigarette has its second name as VC. During inhalation and exhalation procedure nicotine is vaporised. Water is also contained in e cig that is absent in normal cigarette.
* Consist of
E-cigarettes consist of only five main ingredients nicotine, water, propylene glycol, glycerol and flavour. Normal cigarette consist of tobacco that is considered as toxic element.

* Price
Both the cigarettes vary in terms of price. Tobacco is much heavy in cost as compared with normal one. Tobacco has increased its demand since last five years so its demand raised its price especially in Canada.

At the end we can say that normal cigarette is replaced by electronic due to its intangible benefits. It is a good option to choose if you are looking forward to have cigarette.

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