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Giving Up Tobacco For An Electric Cigarette

By July 4, 2017Cigarette

Have you gone to look at the items to help you quit smoking only to be so surprised by the amount of money they cost? There is a new product that is on the market that will help with getting away from tobacco cigarettes. It is called the e-cigarette. Or electric cigarette. When you order an electric cigarette starter kit, it will come with two small batteries shaped like a cigarette, an atomizer or flow censor, two boxes of filters, and one charger. These batteries can be charges many, many times before they ever need replacing. The filters are about equal to 15 to 20 of the tobacco cigarettes. You receive ten filters in a starter kit, so it would be like getting a carton of cigarettes.

With the costs of cigarettes going up all of the time and then all of the restrictions that have been placed in regards to where you can smoke, a lot of you have been looking for ways to go cheaper or quit. Once you start using this e-cigarette you will stop buying so many or even any of the old cigarettes. You will be doing this because you might find that you like using this e-cigarette better. It is so much cleaner because there are no ashes or butts and you will not be sending any secondhand smoke into the air in where ever you happen to be. The people standing next to you will be pleased with this as they will not be getting any of the toxins that they would if you were smoking a tobacco cigarette.

You do not use a lighter or matches because it is really not a cigarette, it just looks like one. It is a battery operated device that will help you give up the nasty smelling tobacco. The tobacco companies keep putting out different brands of cigarettes to keep you buying them. No matter which brand you smoke or whether it is regular, medium, light, or ultra-light, you are still receiving the same toxins, additives, and hydrocarbons. They are all cancer causing and deadly.

A tobacco cigarette is a tobacco cigarette. They are all made from dried tobacco leaves and put together with paper and glue. With the e-cigarette you only receive a small vapor of nicotine that your body wants just like that old cigarette but you do not get all of the deadly chemicals and the tar which cause no much damage to the body. The main ingredients in the nicotine liquid for the electric cigarette is nicotine liquid, water, propylene glycol, which is an FDA approved product, and flavorings that taste like tobacco.

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