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Finding Daily Comfort In The E Cigarette

By January 28, 2017Cigarette

Any smoker who has ever tried to quit their habit can testify to how difficult it can be. It is not only difficult but almost impossible at times. The nicotine that is naturally found in the tobacco plant is such a strong drug that the mind and body develop a type of dependency on it, even more so in people that smoke more cigarettes in a single day than those who do not smoke as much.

Are you a smoker who has tried but failed in the past? Have you tried cessation products, such as the nicotine patch and inhaler, and even prescription medication and simply could not give up the smoking habit? One product that could help you is an electronic cigarette, which was invented in 2004 and has reached stardom status very quickly, especially during this year.

The purpose of the e cigarette is simple. It is meant to give you, the smoker, an alternative to smoking cigarettes that is healthier and safer. Now, no one can really associate any type of smoking as being safer and healthier, but even though the e cigarette is meant to emulate the smoking experience, it operates very differently.

For one, the e cigarette’s smoke-like vapor is produced as a result of the heating element, otherwise known as the atomizer, heating up the liquid nicotine solution in the refill cartridge, which is located by the mouthpiece. The liquid solution can contain different nicotine strengths or none at all, which is especially helpful for smokers who are trying to cut down on their nicotine intake. The vapor evaporates within seconds of being dispersed into the air, and a single refill cartridge is typically the equivalent of 15 to 20 cigarettes.

Smokers can find comfort in this product that is being marketed as a smoking alternative. It is shaped like a cigarette and other than the fact that the e cigarette is not made of paper, it will feel like a cigarette, too. Because the e cigarette has to be “puffed” on and gives the user the same experience they would have with a real cigarette, using an e cigarette not only satisfies the user’s craving for nicotine but the physical addiction to the hand-to-mouth action as well. No other smoking alternative takes care of both the action and the nicotine cravings.

With an e cigarette, the aspiring smoke-free person can stop cigarette altogether or gradually reduce their cigarette usage.

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