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Electronic Cigarette Starts Health Row

By February 4, 2017Cigarette

Electronic cigarettes have been in the news more and more recently. The small devices are used as alternatives for smokers and are welcomed by many due to their cheap running costs, the freedom to use them wherever you like, avoiding the smoking bans and the fact that they do not damage your health like traditional cigarettes do.

Health campaigners, however, have called for more thorough research into electronic cigarettes to be carried out. The health campaigners are worried that not enough research has been done to tell whether an electronic cigarette is, infact, dangerous to people’s health.

The electronic cigarette has become increasingly popular over the last year or two due to the smoking ban, and people’s relentlessness to get around it. The electronic cigarette delivers the nicotine hit via a cartridge, the nicotine is sent to the user via an ‘atomiser’ that turns the liquid nicotine into a mist.

Some health groups are saying that the electronic cigarette has yet to undergo a thorough enough testing proceedure to be sure about whether the device is indeed safe. Other nicotine products have had more testing than these, and that worries some health groups.

Although only a handful of health officials have publically called out about the health risks of the electronic cigarette, people are still worried. One of the most highest ranked officials is Douglas Bettcher from The World Health Organisation, who was quoted saying “If the marketers of the electronic cigarette want to help smokers quit, then they need to conduct clinical studies and toxicity analyses”. This claim was brought about with it lots of controversy, as plenty of the retailers have, in fact, carried out rigorous tests on the devices, all of which have proven successful.

The advantages of using an electronic cigarette over a traditional cigarette are tremendous. The annual savings are in the thousands, even for a casual smoker. The health benefits are unfathomable against those of real cigarettes; the electronic cigarette only has the nicotine you need, where as a traditional cigarette is crammed full of toxins, tar, and other nasties that you wouldn’t want anywhere near your body, nevermind inhaling them several times a day.

Jason Cropper, who is the managing director of The Electronic Cigarette Company, a e-cig retailer said: “It’s a healthier way of smoking, you don’t get any of the stuff that’s in normal tobacco”. Many agree with him and see the electronic cigarette as something that can only be a good thing for all involved. “The financial, health and social advantages are amazing”.

Of course it’s better if people didn’t use nicotine products at all, but that’s not always viable. If someone is smoking it’s likely they’re addicted, and getting over an addiction is a very grueling task, both mentally and physically. An electronic cigarette gives the option for people to get rid of the unhealthy and unsociable aspects of smoking and start taking care of themselves, without having to make any sacrifices. It is a win-win situation for consumers, and for the health-conscious smokers out there, it’s a necessity.