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Electronic Cigarette Comparison: Apollo E-Cig vs ProSmoke

By October 5, 2016Cigarette

The electronic cigarette has attracted millions, if not billions of people throughout the world. However, when you begin to shop for the e-cigarette, you quickly realize that there are so many on the market, that the choice of which electronic cigarette to choose becomes a tedious task. Comparing the brands to one another is definitely something that you should first do, or you can take the information in this article, as we have compared our top picks in electronic cigarettes.

Before we start to compare the e-cigarettes, let’s get to know them a little. First, smokers will find that the electronic cigarette is authentic in taste, appearance and feel. The cigarette provides a pleasant smoking experience and is cost effective.

The e-cigarette contains nicotine and vapor, which give the sensation of smoking a cigarette. In the length of the cigarette, there is a battery. The filter of the cigarette contains a tobacco substitute atomizer. When the cigarette is puffed on, the battery heats the filter and a vapor is created releasing a smoke free smoke. When the filter is finished, the smoker simply replaces that filter. Electronic cigarettes come with a charging device that is simply plugged into an electric outlet and the cigarette placed on the device to charge.

Now, let’s get down to comparing a few of the electronic cigarettes.

Electronic Cigarette Comparison

When we first began our electronic cigarette comparison, there were many brands to go through, and narrowing it down to our top picks, definitely was not easy. But, we did manage to find are favorite of the bunch, and are happy to share the information with you.

Apollo E-Cig: The Apollo E-Cig is an American electronic cigarette brand that is reasonably priced and comes with starter kits and provides a great taste. The filters come in various flavors. Our Apollo E-Cig electronic cigarette comparison definitely featured some advantages over the other brands, which is exactly why it lead us to choose the Apollo as one of the best. For starters, the battery in the e-cig lasts up to 30% longer. The manufacturer also offers a variety of starter kits, which include all components necessary to smoke the cigarette. The cost of the Apollo E-Cig is another factor, and the mini kit can be purchased for $ 34.95. The cartridge refills are available in various sized packs and flavors. The Apollo E-Cig is definitely a top choice in the electronic cigarettes line.

ProSmoke: The ProSmoke was another of our electronic cigarette comparison reviews and definitely a brand that came out at the top. To start, the ProSmoke has the highest quality and durable battery. Next, the vapor of the electronic cigarette is the greatest among the cigarettes. Also, there are no leak problems with the ProSmoke as there are with some of the other electronic cigarettes. As for the flavors, the ProSmoke offers a variety of flavors and are priced quite reasonably.

When you do begin to shop for an electronic cigarette brand, the cigarette reviews will be of tremendous value. There are various cigarette reviews on the different brands on the market, and you will find, that after reading the specific cigarette reviews, you do have a sense of what is the best out there.