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Electronic Cigarette And Its Many Advantages

By January 13, 2017Cigarette

Electronic cigarettes are designed not to help smokers kick the nicotine habit, but to protect others around them. They also solve the ostracization problem that smokers are suffering in areas where indoor smoking has been banned, and even outdoor smoking frowned upon.

This electric cigarette, which may be referred to by several other names, e cigarette, smokeless cigarette, and personal vaporizer, still provides a small or large dose of nicotine to the smoker, by way of electronic technology. It has a battery, a vaporizer and a mouthpiece with a microchip. The electronics turns the nicotine into a vapor that the smoker can inhale. One difference between the electronic cigarette and the traditional one is that it does not have to be lit. It tastes the same as usual to the smoker but has no smoke, no ash and no fire. So, while the smoker is still taking in the nicotine, the people around him or her are not. There is, then, no offensive second-hand smoke.

Another advantage of this electric cigarette is its price. This smokeless cigarette is actually rechargeable, so there is no more lighting another costly cigarette. All the smoker must do is recharge the e cigarette. Just about any electronic cigarette kit is going to come with a USB charger. The smoker can puff away any time and any place there is an electric outlet, whether it is at home, at the office, in the car or the airport or hotel lobby. Additionally, the electric cigarette is cleaner and less offensive, with no dirty ashtrays to empty.

It is important to note, however, that electronic cigarettes are not devices designed to help smokers “kick the habit.” They still deliver nicotine to the smoker’s lungs. The primary function of the e cigarette is to allow the smoker to re-enter the increasingly non-smoking public world without offending, alienating, and breaking the law. While electronic cigarettes might not reduce the health risk for the smoker, they do resolve the health concerns of those who would normally be taking in their second hand smoke.

While there are several electric cigarette kit options, from the basic no-accessories packages to the premium version, the standard e cigarette package provides one or two batteries, several atomizers with cartridges built in, a USB charger and adapter for AC use, and a users manual. Some smokeless cigarette vendors offer many flavor choices and strengths that allow the smoker to choose how much nicotine he or she actually wishes to inhale and whether it should be menthol or even fruit-flavored. A starter kit for the electronic cigarette can be bought online for well under $ 200.

Where ever you may find yourself craving a cigarette or a nicotine fix you can rest assured with the electronic cigarette you can puff a way to your hearts content and no one will say a word (and if they do you can politely explain) there is no flame, no toxins and certainly no second or first ahnd smoke. So there we have it, the electronic cigarette is probably the best way to get your nicotine fix without any guilty feelings.