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Electonic Cigarette – A Complete Know How !

By December 24, 2016Cigarette

What is an electronic cigarette?

Electronic cigarette, and if you did not know, it is the buzzword amongst most of the smokers’ circles.

If you have been smoking cigarettes, say for over 15 years, you must have been one to have known and experienced most of the ill effects that come with smoking tobacco.

There indeed have been several quit smoking alternatives including pills, patches, gums, potions and even lozenges. These stuff cannot help with your nicotine cravings so if you are trying them, chances are that you either become a patient of clinical depression, and the worst you might end up smoking more than ever before. Phew! What a pity?

Electronic cigarette; however, has been a promising innovation in this direction and is the healthiest alternative to conventional cigarette. Electronic cigarette is designed to look like a normal cigarette. The device is cylindrical and long though it might be longer than a standard cigarette in order to accommodate the battery and other components. It may or may not feature attractive designs which depend upon the maker and model of the product.

So what the heck is this electronic cigarette?

Electronic cigarette is the healthiest alternative to smoking and, as the name says, is an electronic smoking device (gives no smoke in fact) that mimics all features of a real cigarette but without the tobacco. Yes! It looks like a conventional cigarette, feels like the same and also tastes just the same (or maybe better) like a traditional cigarette. Thanks to smoking ban laws, an innovation like this has seen light of the day.

Electronic cigarette looks as true as a real cigarette but comprises of a cartridge, an atomizer and a battery with LED at the tip. The cartridge looks like butt but it holds propylene glycol, water and nicotine suspended through a membranous system. This mixture is atomized to resemble smoke by the atomizer once the battery is triggered and illuminates.

How is the electronic cigarette lit?

Electronic cigarette does not require a lighter to light, instead the air drawn by smoker creates a pressure inside the cigarette to ignite the processor and lights it up. The liquid mixture (water and nicotine) from the cartridge is injected into the atomizer to vaporize it and this vapor inhaled by the smoker. The propylene glycol gives smoke-like mist (not smoke per se) and the user gets the kick of nicotine immediately but the mist that’s let out is free of any nicotine so there is no secondary inhalation and no associated passive smoking symptoms. The end of the electronic cigarette lights up (with LED) truly resembling a real cigarette.

Major chemical cocktail of the electronic cigarette is propylene glycol and FDA approves it as safe for human consumption. To improve the flavor, manufacturers add tobacco scent and other flavors that are carcinogen free and harmless to the users. Again, electronic cigarette is no quit smoking product and is a solution to people who would want to smoke in no smoke zones and to eliminate ill effects of smoking tobacco cigarettes.

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