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Doing Your Own Independant Research About The Electronic CIgarette

By July 1, 2017Cigarette

The electronic cigarette is a device that is gaining praise among smokers, controversy from nonsmokers and some doctors, and a mix of both among the general public. Many talk about the effects that such a device could have socially, because despite the track record which shows few to no cases of sickness, there are some who do not approve of it. And then there are others who talk about the fact that the electronic cigarette could very well be a healthier form of smoking, and can even be used as a quit smoking device to, obviously, quit smoking.

And others are still on the fence about whether or not the electronic cigarette will do more harm than help. The electronic cigarette is currently not approved by the Food and Drug Administration as a safer and healthier alternative to smoking, but this has not stopped many people from purchasing one for themselves.

The reason many people believe the electronic cigarette to be a healthy alternative to conventional cigarettes is because unlike conventional cigarettes, the electronic cigarette employs the use of a chemical vapor, as opposed to actually burning tobacco. The electronic cigarette uses refillable cartridges that give the smoker the sensation of smoking without the tobacco. However, the cartridges are filled with a chemical solution called e-liquid that is composed of nicotine, water, alcohol, and other chemicals. It is because of this that many believe that the electronic cigarette can cause nicotine poisoning if not used correctly.

Many people, however, also consider the electronic cigarette as an effective means to actually quit smoking. The nicotine that the electronic cigarette’s vapor emits releases nicotine into the body of the smoker. The cigarette uses less nicotine per hit, but if used correctly, can ween the smoker off of cigarettes in a similar manner to the patch, except that the smoker receives the psychological sensation of actually smoking a cigarette.

The effectiveness of the electronic cigarette in helping people who wish to quit smoking is somewhat ambiguous, as they were not originally intended as such. However longtime smokers that have used the electronic cigarette have said that they are satisfied with the product and the results that they are seeing as they continue to use it to break their habit. If you are considering buying one of the electronic cigarettes for yourself, then you should keep in mind to do your own independent research to make sure it is right for you.