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Could The E Cigarette Help You Quit Smoking?

By January 30, 2017Cigarette

If you have tried to quit smoking in the past but failed to stay smoke-free for the long term, then welcome to the club. Over 35 million smokers in the United States try to quit every year but never quite make it to their one-year anniversary. Some never even get past the first week! Nicotine is so powerful and so addictive a drug that the body and the mind will tell you that you need it. “Smoke one more time and you will be fine,” your mind might be telling you. But you know that is farther from the truth because “one more time” turns into “many more times”.

What could help you quit smoking? There’s trying out the cold turkey method, using nicotine replacements, and prescription medication. Then there is the electronic cigarette. This device is neither categorized as a nicotine delivery system nor is it is a cessation device because it has not been labeled as either of them. Although it is technically a nicotine delivery system, it is simply classified as a smoking alternative – for now at least.

In case you haven’t seen one yet, this device is shaped like a real cigarette and feels like one also, give or take a couple ounces or a slight variation in shape. It also acts like a real cigarette in the sense that the user draws on one end, inhales a “smoke”, and exhales – while the e cigarette emits a “smoke”. It is powered up by a rechargeable battery and typically runs on a single charge all day.

Now, the e cigarette has only started making headlines recently because more people are becoming aware of the product. Those who have tried it have reported overwhelmingly positive results. While some have claimed that they have reduced their cigarette usage, others have claimed they immediately stopped smoking and use only their e cigarette.

The “smoke” is actually a vapor, a result of the liquid inside a cartridge being heated up by the atomizer inside the device. The liquid contains different nicotine strengths and, you guessed it, delivers the nicotine to the user when the e cigarette is puffed on. While the action is similar to smoking a real cigarette, the results are very different because an e cigarette does not contain the thousands of cancer-causing agents, toxic carcinogens, and chemicals found in tobacco smoke. So you are still getting the nicotine fix without the harmful side effects.

There really are two ways an e cig user can approach this:
1. Use the e cigarette and tobacco cigarettes together, starting with 50/50 usage in the beginning and then gradually reducing the tobacco until you stop using it altogether.
2. Drop the tobacco from the beginning and use only the e cigarette.

Supporters call it a revolutionary product that could save millions of people’s lives, and perhaps the e cigarette could help give you back your health and your life.

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